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The Importance of Sewer and Drain Video Inspections

In addition to water and other liquids, your kitchen and bathroom drains transport a lot of other substances to your home’s sewer system: grease, soap, detergents, hair, fat and oil from food. Over months and years of daily use, your drains can start to slow and become clogged. But rather than wait until that worst-case scenario to call for a plumber, why not arrange for a video inspection of your drains and sewers now?

Video Inspections Are The Best Guarantee

In addition to clearing any obstructions in your drains, a plumbing professional can provide a complimentary video inspection to be absolutely certain, backed up with a warranty. And if your drain is in need of additional repair, other options include hydro-jetting, relining or replacing the sewer.

Don’t Let It Come Down To This:

Jetting the sewer involves using high-pressure (up to 4,000 PSI) spray to remove debris and other obstructions that may be causing the line to slow.
Relining the sewer may be all that is required, and one advantage to this option is that it doesn’t require digging. The liner is resin-soaked, and it attaches to the inside of the sewer as it hardens, resulting in a solid piece that won’t shift or crack over time.
Sewer replacements and repairs are done with PVC pipe. Once the pipe is installed, the ditch is tapered every two feet to prevent backfilling. The lawn is seeded and covered with straw afterward to help it return looking just as good, if not better, than it did before work started.

Inspection Spots Trouble Before It Becomes An Expensive Fix

Dealing with sewers is something no one likes to think about until they have a problem: a child’s toy that got flushed, a clogged kitchen drain, or tree roots cracking older sewer pipes. A video inspection will spot problems before they become an issue and give you reassurance and peace of mind.

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