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My Plumber Commits to Charity: Water

If you’ve got clean, fresh water coming from your tap, you can thank a plumber. My Plumber San Diego has long been committed to educating our customers on various aspects of water consumption: ways to conserve water, the importance of water filters, and ways to minimize our carbon footprint by bottling water at home (rather than always buying new, disposable water bottles). So when we learned about Charity: Water, we didn’t hesitate to make it the exclusive charity that we campaign for.
We all know that water, along with air and food, is one of the absolute necessities in life. Yet, there are a billion people in the world without access to clean drinking water and 30,000 of them die each week as a result. Easily preventable diseases like diarrhea and dysentery, actually kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war.
In Africa alone, 40 billion hours a year are spent simply walking to and from the nearest water source, leaving that much less time available for education or work. Lack of safe, convenient water and sanitation eventually turns into $28 billion in economic loss.
When Charity: Water builds a freshwater well for a village, the hours formerly spent transporting unsafe water are reduced to mere minutes, and the water is safe to drink. Hygiene workers teach the necessity of sanitation, and latrines and hand-washing stations are constructed. The Water Committee set up to oversee the project provides leadership opportunities for people formerly limited by the demands of menial labor.  A convenient water supply and the free time it generates can allow for more food to be grown for one’s family, with a possible surplus left over to sell at the market.  Children who grow up with the provided basic necessities have a better chance to achieve the education necessary to become teachers and business owners.
A $20 donation to Charity: Water can give one person access to clean water. My Plumber of San Diego is excited to campaign for such a worthy cause, and we plan on raising money through customer and partner donations.

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