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How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

Garbage disposals are great at getting rid of food waste – but they’re not always ideal at getting rid of the smell. Here’s what to do about it.

  1. Pour a little dish soap down the drain while it runs. Sometimes that’s all it takes!
  2. If the smell returns after a while, before running the garbage disposal again, it may need a scouring. Try grinding up chicken and fish bones, egg shells, or even cherry pits. Your garbage disposal will be able to break down all of these materials with a little grinding, and the action will scrub the interior of the disposal as it runs. This will help dislodge any particles that may be caught in the crevices, or in the blade assembly.
  3. If you need to mask a smaller smell to give it time to dissipate, try grinding a lemon or citrus peel. There’s no benefit from using the whole fruit – and the membrane actually has some small potential to cause clogs – so use eat the fruit first or use it in your cooking. The citrus acidity can also help break down other materials that can clog up a disposal over time.

To learn more about your garbage disposal and how to maintain it, visit our garbage disposal page.

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