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Bathroom Odors a Problem? We’ve Found the Solution!

Is bathroom odor overwhelming your home or office building? Are some of those bodily smells leaking out into your more public spaces? If that’s the case, we’ve got a couple of products that you might want to put on your Christmas list this year. The first one is a blast from the recent past. Back in 2006 the first odor eating toilet seat was produced. It was a commercial failure mostly because consumers weren’t ready to jump on the odor eating bandwagon.

Toilet Seat Eats Bathroom Odors

Fast forward 8 years and the climate around odor control has changed and Kohler is ready to take advantage of it with its new odor eating toilet seat. According to Kohler, “The Purefresh seat contains a deodorizing system that utilizes a carbon filter to neutralize odorous air. An integrated fan, activated when the user sits on the seat, directs the filtered air over a scent pack located within the system and permeates the bathroom with a light, clean scent.” Basically is a sit and sniff seat! Instead of those raunchy bodily odors, you get a light fresh scent every time you sit. The best part about the seat is that it is just that, a seat. You don’t have to purchase an entire new toilet to experience a fresh flush every time.

Spray the Smell Away

Not interested in buying a toilet seat, why not try an innovative product that seals odors beneath the surface of the water when you drop a number two. Poopourri is the product we’re talking about here. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep your personal odors from seeping out into public. This spray is super easy to use. Simply spray the surface of the water in the toilet before using it. When you go to the bathroom a barrier is created that keeps the odors below the water surface and releases pleasant aromas into the air above the water. The spray bottle is small enough to keep in your pocket or your purse so you can carry it along with you wherever you have to go!
Whichever method you choose, your home or office will smell a whole lot better than before. No more embarrassment from the bathroom – now your poop can really smell like roses!

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