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Get the $49 AC Tune Up Special – Do It!

Nothing is cooler than our AC Tune up special, dog. Think of all the things you can buy with $49. You might be able to feed the family Taco Bell. But, really, there aren’t many good values out there for $49. How about a summer’s worth of worry free air conditioning with energy saving tweaks to your existing air conditioner? Yeah, that’s what you can get for half a Benjamin.
Here’s what we do –
• Check all refrigerant levels and pressure and diagnose leaks if needed
• Check and clean air filters
• Inspect the fan blade
• Clean condenser coils
• Measure the temperature difference from supply to return
When we’re finished, you’ll have a clean, efficient air conditioner that will provide you with the best performance possible. Do you want more? Get the full 21 point inspection and maintenance for $40 more. In this full HVAC tune up, you’ll also get:
• Inspection of all ductwork, coils, drains and condensate pans
• A full check of all electrical connections and contact points
• Full capacitor inspection
• Thermostat calibration
• Moving part lubrication
If you get the A/C tune up right now, it could pay for itself in energy savings before the end of the summer. After that it’s all savings until winter.
Let’s just mention the price one more time $49! Usually you can’t even get a tech in the door for that price. Right now you get the tech, the tools and the service for 49 bucks!

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