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California Mandates New Water Saving Bathroom Etiquette

My Plumber CA tech is repairing a running toilet to help the homeowner save money in San Diego.Two weeks after unveiling a $1 billion water conservation plan, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that for the first time in state history California would implement mandatory water-use restrictions. To show how serious the drought is, Governor Brown went so far as to tell residents that even flushing is not always mandatory, or in his words, “if it is yellow let it mellow”.
The state has been desperate to help residents conserve water; the state began issuing residents $500 criminal penalty fines to water wasters, regulating watering times, and requiring the use of low flow toilets. In Santa Cruz one man received a $3,000 fine for having a leaky toilet for 8 days. This fine may seem steep, but San Diego toilet repair company MyPlumberCA estimates that one running toilet can waste upward of 7,000 gallons every month!

Huge Water Saving Without a Leaking Toilet

Stop plunging your toilet, get the professionals to fix your clogged toilet in San Diego.Although fines this high may not be very common yet, the fact is that residents in San Diego with leaky toilets are flushing money down the drain. One leaky toilet could cost its owner nearly $500 per year. Even worse is that one leaky toilet could be wasting more than 80,000 gallons of water per year. In San Diego, clogged toilets are only a portion of what residents use a plumber for. As residents try to save money, and help relieve the drought, plumbers get calls for all sorts of water-saving fixes. San Diego and a few other cities even offer residents a free water survey program. As part of this program, a Water Conservation Representative will tour your property to identify leaks and water-saving opportunities.
Replacing inefficient toilets, flushing only when necessary, and having leaky toilets fixed may seem like common sense during a drought, but some people are more motivated by having this new bathroom etiquette mandated. Whether you abide by the new bathroom etiquette to avoid fines, or just to save water; there is no wrong reason to do the right thing. Contact My Plumber CA for any plumbing needs!

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