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Toilet Repair vs. Toilet Replacement – Which is Right for You?

Toilet Replacement vs. Repair – Knowing Which You Need

Bathroom with recent toilet replacementToilets can be fickle things, especially if you have a toilet that is decades old and always clogging. While you can certainly perform repairs on your old toilet to keep it working as long as possible, at a certain point is just makes financial sense to have a toilet replacement performed. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your toilet vs. repair it? We’ll give you some pointers so you can spot when your toilet has flushed its final flush.

Regular Maintenance Can Save Your Old Toilet

We definitely don’t recommend that you neglect your current toilet because you think that repairing it is a lost cause. On the contrary, a toilet that is properly maintained can last decades. It’s important that you take the following steps to keep your toilet looking pretty, smelling clean, and staying functional.

  • Clean inside the toilet bowl regularly. Using a toilet bowl cleaner will prevent hard water stains, bacteria, and buildup that would otherwise make your toilet bowl look grimy and smell gross.  Clean out the toilet bowl at least once a week (more if you operate a business).
  • Clean the outside, too. Debris often collects around the base of the toilet bowl, but a quick spray and wipe will have your toilet sparkling like a new diamond.
  • Don’t flush strange objects. Only flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet – anything else will surely lead to a drain clog.
  • Check the inner mechanics of the toilet. If your toilet keeps running or won’t flush, remove the toilet lid and check the moving parts. Your chain might need adjusting, or you might just need a new float ball or fill valve. These parts are cheap and can be found at any hardware store.

Know When It’s Time to Install a New Toilet

Alas, when your toilet has seen better days, it might just be time to upgrade with a toilet replacement. If you experience any of the following signs, then it is likely time to invest in a new Newly remodeled bathroom with toilet replacementtoilet installation today.

  1. You keep having to fix things. If your toilet is always leaking or running constantly, even after you’ve replaced parts, then it could be a sign that your toilet is just ready to go.
  2. It never looks clean. As your toilet ages, it develops scratches on the porcelain. These scratches collect dirt and make your toilet look old, dingy, and overall unappealing. Do your guests a favor – get a new toilet now.
  3. The porcelain is cracked. A crack in the porcelain bowl or base is no joke at all. What starts off as a small, hardly noticeable fracture could soon lead to a gushing of water in your bathroom. Don’t wait longer than you need to – replace your toilet ASAP.
  4. The darn thing keeps clogging. Older models of toilets tend to clog easier because they are low flow or low flush toilets. Often times you need to flush the toilet multiple times, negating any potential water savings. Newer models are low-flow, highly efficient, and a much better bang for your buck than old toilets.
  5. You want to save water. Again, technology has come a long way in terms of water saving ability. New energy efficient toilets will save you money on your water bill, so you can feel good about your bathroom and good about your wallet at the same time.

My Plumber CA can is your choice for toilet replacement today – just give us a call and set up an appointment! We offer high quality toilet repair and installation for businesses and residents alike.

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