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Is My Air Conditioner Causing an Allergy Cough?

Why is My Air Conditioner Causing an Allergy Cough?

Air Conditioning cost reduction in San DiegoAllergies are no fun. They’re less fun when you experience them indoors – a place that you would usually expect to be safe from the allergy-inducing pollens and dander of the outside world. If you’re sneezing, coughing, and hacking away, you might be wondering: “Is my air conditioner causing an allergy cough?”
The short answer? Possibly.
If you are experiencing an allergy-related cough indoors when your air conditioner is running, it’s time to find out the source of the issue.

Check Your Air Filter

Got a nasty allergy cough from your air conditioner? The first step, and perhaps the most obvious, is to check your air filter. When your air filter becomes overladen with dust and microparticles, it is no longer performing its function – to catch allergy-causing parfurnace maintenance in San Diego by My Plumber CAticles in your indoor air.
Your AC air filter should be changed every three months – at the least. Change your air filter every month if you feel that your air conditioner is causing an allergy cough. This will ensure that you have optimum indoor air quality and no nasty coughing fits.

Check Your Air Ducts

Checked your air filter and still no luck? Then it’s time to check your air ducts. If any moisture or debris has gotten into your ductwork, it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Invest in duct cleaning for your home at least once every 10 years or so.
Duct cleaning not only removes allergens from your home, but it also increases your AC’s efficiency. Many professional HVAC techs will also perform a leak inspection when they clean out your ducts, which can improve efficiency even more.

Check for Mold or Fungus

If you suspect that your air conditioner is causing an allergy cough, it’s important to check for mold, mildew, or fungus in your home. If you’ve experienced a leak or toilet overflow, make sure that the surrounding floor and carpet are not damp, smelly, or discolored. If they are, they are likely a breeding ground for mold and subsequent mold spores.
Despite having changed your air filter and cleaned your air ducts, every time your ac turns on it will stir up air – and those nasty mold spores. Have a professional disinfect the area and remove or replace any mold-infested carpet or drywall ASAP.  And give My Plumber CA a call for any air conditioner repair needs.

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