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Heating & Cooling

San Diego’s Best Heating, Cooling, and HVAC Services

If you haven’t had your heating and cooling system checked in a few years, now’s the time. A neglected system could be doubling your heating and cooling costs! Our San Diego based HVAC technicians will identify and eliminate the sources of waste in your system, including unsealed duct runs, broken thermostats, dirt and debris build-up, furnace burner chamber soot, dirty air filters, and various other efficiency draining conditions.

Carrier air conditioner ready for installation in San diego

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air? Is it failing to kick on when you turn the thermostat down? These are two of the most common issues with central air units. We can repair these issues and several more. We do evaporator coil cleaning, fan and fin maintenance, refrigerant checks and top offs, electrical line checks and drain clearing. We also work on ductless mini splits, portable and window mounted units.

Lennox furnace, ready for installation in San Diego

Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnaces have a knack for running even when they have all kinds of problems with them. This can be a potentially dangerous situation. If you haven’t had your furnace properly maintained, it could be producing deadly levels of carbon monoxide. This happens when the burn chamber is either inadequately vented due to a crack in the heat exchanger, there is a tear in the plenum or an exhaust vent has become disconnected. Another possible cause is soot build-up in the burn chamber. This causes fuel to burn inefficiently, creates carbon monoxide, and other dangerous gases. We can fix all of these issues and make sure you have a safe and efficient furnace in your home.

Lennox boiler

Boiler Repair & Installation

Boiler systems, though not as common as they used to be, are a very efficient way of heating the home. We have specialists that only work with boilers in San Diego and understand their specific needs. We know the importance of water pressure and sacrificial anode replacements and are available to help you bleed air from your lines at the beginning of the heating season. We also handle problems with pilot lights, thermostats and pressure release valves.

home air filter

Air Filtration

In San Diego, indoor air quality can be up to 6 times worse than air outdoors. This is because we have created air sealed homes for efficient heating and cooling. Unfortunately, every speck of dust that you bring in on your clothes and shoes stays in the house. When your heating and cooling system starts up it pulls that dirt into the return vents in your house. Some of that dust and dirt ends up staying in the air. An air filter installed in your HVAC system can help clear this allergy causing particles from the air quickly. We suggest investing in one with a UV light to kill off airborne bacteria and viruses as well.

air ducts

Duct Cleaning

Dirty duct work can be zapping the efficiency of you heating and cooling system. Dust and dirt build up on the interior of your duct runs over time. Having them cleaned out will prevent dust from being blown into your living areas. Duct cleanings also provide an opportunity to look for damage and infestation in your runs.

Don’t forget that we also offer high quality plumbing services in San Diego.