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My Plumber CA of San Diego chose to be part of the San Diego community from the very beginning. We decided to settle on San Diego because of everything this wonderful southern California place has to offer. As we live and work for the people here, we do our best to educate our clients about “How their AC might be causing a cough“, “New California regulations that effect your bathroom“, and “fun things to do locally“. By supporting our community, we can offer the best customer service in residential plumbing repair, HVAC Services, and many other types of work. We work hard each day to serve our customers with the best deals we can offer. Learn more about My Plumber CA today and give us a call!

Celebrating America

This is the second entry in our Celebrate America series. We hope you enjoy this visit to the second of four pivotal points in American History

General Washington Crosses the Delaware

In the winter of 1776, morale was low for American soldiers. They consistently lost battles. They were cold, hungry and desperately short of supplies.Many enlistments were ending in January and the average fighting man was not expected to renew. General Washington recognized that his army was close to losing the fight for American independence.

On December 25, while the Hessians (German soldiers hired to fight by the British) celebrated Christmas with a feast and heavy drinking in their encampment at Trenton, George Washington put a desperate plan into action. With 2,000 soldiers, he crossed the bitterly cold, ice-encrusted Delaware River at night to reach that encampment.

The Germans were drunk, overfed and surprised by the attack. And in 45 minutes, the surprise attack was over. The American army gained 900 German prisoners, provisions and food, and a restored will to fight.

Congratulations Graduates!

2010 Plumbing School Graduates

My Plumber Heating and Cooling would like to congratulate its 2010 graduates from the trades program of the Fairfax County Public Schools’ Department of Adult Education. Five employees from My Plumber completed the four-year training program, including Manassas resident Malcolm Fisher, who was named Apprentice of the Year. Pictured below from left to right are: James Wiggins, Ariel Andrade, Oscar Sosa-Morales, Craig Pumphrey and Malcolm Fisher.