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My Plumber CA has been in San Diego since 1982 providing the best Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning repair. We are a family run company that focuses on customer service. We are focused on the local community to support all their plumbing needs. Find our more about My Plumber CA and give us a call today!

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Top 10 Things for Locals to do in San Diego, CA

Top 10 Things for Locals to do in San Diego, CA

Whether you’re experiencing San Diego for the first time, taking family for a fun night out, or entertaining guests, San Diego has a variety of attractions to offer its residents. Here are a few of our favorites we thought we’d share with you.

Top 10 Attractions in San Diego, CA

logo (1)Balboa Park

What it is: Balboa Park in San Diego is massive 1,200-acre park full of museums, theaters, restaurants, walking trails, open space areas, and more. Looking to buy a gift? Balboa Park even has shops where you can buy something for a friend or loved one. This is also the home of the famous San Diego Zoo.

Why it’s cool: this is one of the oldest public recreational parks, first dedicated in 1835.

SeaWorld San Diego

What it is: this marine mammal park is a great place to visit if you want to expose your kids to the wonders of marine life. Enjoy sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and more at this awesome outdoor oceanarium.fca2fb9a8532416991ce156f25b6c38a_swc_10-20-15

Why it’s cool: it’s right next door to the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, where important educational outreach and research is conducted in order to better inform our awareness and relations with marine life.

USS Midway Museum

logoWhat it is: located at Navy Pier, this is the home of the Midway aircraft carrier, which served from 1945 to 1992. Take your military and ship buffs to see this awesome maritime museum in San Diego.

Why it’s cool: the Midway served for the entirety of the Cold War, and it’s the only U.S. carrier to have done so.

San Diego Zoo

What it is: located within Balboa Park, this zoo has over 3,700 animals within its gates. See polar bears, gorillas, elephants, tigers, sun ears, cougars, and more! A great place for a family adventure.

Why it’s cool: this is one of the few places in the world that harbors a giant panda – a rare, endangered animal.

Seaport Village

What it is: need to do some shopping? Seaport Village is located right on the water, so you can shop and dine in style with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Seaport Village is car-free, so you can walk and shop without having to worry about cars disrupting your route.

Why it’s cool: it was built over what was once Punta de los Muertos (the point of the dead), where the Spanish buried the crewmembers who died of scurvy during their 1782 expedition.

Old Town San Diego

otclogojpgWhat it is: a California Historical Landmark, Old Town harkens back to the early days of San Diego in the 1800s. It houses historic buildings, candy shops, Mexican restaurants, and more.

Why it’s cool: Old Town ranked as the most visited California state park in 2005 and 2006 – and it’s free to get in!

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

What it is: the Birch Aquarium houses over 380 marine animal species, and includes a logo-bashark exhibit, coral reef display, hall of fishes, and more. Teach your kids about climate change, marine life, and more at this wonder of San Diego.

Why it’s cool: it offers summer educational programs for children ages 4-15. They also offer birthday party hosting.

La Jolla Cove

What it is: located in La Jolla, this little jewel is great for swimming, picnicking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. It’s close to Shell Beach, Children’s Pool Beach, and more.

Why it’s cool: surfboards and boogie boards are off limits at La Jolla Cove, so you can scuba dive, swim, and enjoy the majestic marine life that dwells below the ocean’s surface without having to dodge surfers.

Petco Park

What it is: located in downtown San Diego, this baseball stadium is home to the San Diego Padres. Enjoy a baseball game, concert, or other event within the walls of this beloved baseball stadium.

Why it’s cool: various musicians have played at the stadium, including Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Avicii, and Deadmau5.

  1. San Diego Botanic Garden

logoWhat it is: home to the United States’ biggest collection of bamboo, this garden is truly something to behold. Find native California plants, tropical rainforests, walking trails, flowers, and more. Make sure to visit the Cork Oak forest!

Why it’s cool: admission is free on the first Tuesday each month for San Diego County residents.

Are you a resident of San Diego, CA? If you have any other must-have destinations in the area, leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

Really Old rusted Water Heater Really Old rusted Water Heater Really Old rusted Water Heater Really Old rusted Water Heater Really Old rusted Water Heater Really Old rusted Water Heater

San Diego Plumbing Service Announces San Diego’s Oldest Water Heater Contest

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

My Plumber San Diego is a plumbing service with a three-decade history in the San Diego Metro Area. They’ve built their business around giving good advice, top-quality service, and getting to know their customers’ needs. With proper maintenance and a little bit of luck, a hot water heater can last a long time. How long? Well, that’s what My Plumber San Diego wants to find out.

The winner of the San Diego’s Oldest Water Heater contest will win a 40-gallon hot water heater, and everyone who enters will receive a $100 off coupon on a new water heater.

“We are very involved in the local community, and this contest is a great way to get out and give back to our loyal customers,” explains My Plumber San Diego’s owner, Franco Testa. Plumbing technicians will come to your home to take a picture of entrants ‘vintage’ unit and write down all the necessary information to enter it in the running for their chance to win a free water heater.

Hot water heaters have an average lifespan of about nine years, but sometimes they last much longer. Got a contender for San Diego’s Oldest Water Heater? Go to the My Plumber website for details and how to enter. The contest will run from June 10 to July 12 and the winner will be announced July 21 – 27 on, so act quickly and contact My Plumber San Diego today.

About My Plumber San Diego:
My Plumber San Diego, LLP was founded on the principles of excellence, diligence and customer service. My Plumber of San Diego is an active part of the community with ties that run deep in North County, East County, and South Bay. They offer these communities repairs and installations of plumbing services as well as installation, service and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. For more information, please visit

My Plumber CA Fall 2012 Promotional Campaign

My Plumber is a top plumbing service with a 3 decade history in the San Diego Metro Area. Their emphasis has always been on educating homeowners on the importance of regular maintenance and inspections, and to that end they are announcing their Fall 2012 promotional campaign. This campaign will include special rates on drain inspection and servicing and is intended to underscore My Plumber’s commitment to service excellence by attracting new customers and serving the old ones.

My Plumber will provide a video sewer inspection for only $99. Mark Presgrave, My Plumber Vice President, expands on why video sewer inspections are good maintenance. “All bathroom and kitchen drains eventually lead to your home’s sewer system, so it’s very important to fix a small problem before a major backup occurs. Often times we can help save customers from a much larger problem by servicing drains at the first sign of a clog.”

If a stoppage is identified, My Plumber’s trained and certified plumbers will apply whatever drain treatment is most appropriate to the issue, whether it’s jetting the sewer, line repair or replacement, or relining the sewer.

Although it’s a Fall promotion, the new drain line repair service sale is part of a larger plan to promote high levels of customer satisfaction.

“By staying tuned in to what our customers need, and providing discounts on those services that are in high demand, we’re able to reach our customer satisfaction goals,” said Presgrave. “Customer satisfaction is all about understanding what our customers need and delivering on it.”

Clients can refer to My Plumber’s robust website for more information. Not only does the site contain detailed information about the services offered, but also about all the discounts and special offers, including the Fall video drain inspection offer.

About My Plumber:
My Plumber San Diego, LLP was founded on the principles of excellence, diligence and customer service. My Plumber of San Diego is an active part of the community with ties that run deep in North County, East County, and South Bay. They offer these communities repairs and installations of plumbing service as well as installation, service and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. For more information, please visit

My Plumber Commits to Charity: Water

If you’ve got clean, fresh water coming from your tap, you can thank a plumber. My Plumber San Diego has long been committed to educating our customers on various aspects of water consumption: ways to conserve water, the importance of water filters, and ways to minimize our carbon footprint by bottling water at home (rather than always buying new, disposable water bottles). So when we learned about Charity: Water, we didn’t hesitate to make it the exclusive charity that we campaign for.

We all know that water, along with air and food, is one of the absolute necessities in life. Yet, there are a billion people in the world without access to clean drinking water and 30,000 of them die each week as a result. Easily preventable diseases like diarrhea and dysentery, actually kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war.

In Africa alone, 40 billion hours a year are spent simply walking to and from the nearest water source, leaving that much less time available for education or work. Lack of safe, convenient water and sanitation eventually turns into $28 billion in economic loss.

When Charity: Water builds a freshwater well for a village, the hours formerly spent transporting unsafe water are reduced to mere minutes, and the water is safe to drink. Hygiene workers teach the necessity of sanitation, and latrines and hand-washing stations are constructed. The Water Committee set up to oversee the project provides leadership opportunities for people formerly limited by the demands of menial labor.  A convenient water supply and the free time it generates can allow for more food to be grown for one’s family, with a possible surplus left over to sell at the market.  Children who grow up with the provided basic necessities have a better chance to achieve the education necessary to become teachers and business owners.

A $20 donation to Charity: Water can give one person access to clean water. My Plumber of San Diego is excited to campaign for such a worthy cause, and we plan on raising money through customer and partner donations.

Give My Plumber San Diego a call today to schedule your plumbing repair, maintenance or installation service! Call1 (619) 447-5556

For general inquiries please email us at:


Giving Something Back

My Plumber & The Arlington Food Assistance Backpack program

During October My Plumber Heating and Cooling employees turned their attention to Arlington Food Assistance Center’s Backpack Program for Children Living in Homeless Shelters.  This program provides preparation free (or microwavable) food for the weekends and holidays, to children who frequently don’t have easy access to a real kitchen.

The plumber service in Arlington and the heating and air repair technicians, as well as My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s office staff, worked together to raise money in support of this wonderful program. Office workers paid $5 for the privilege of wearing denim to work, Arlington plumbers and Arlington heating and air technicians collected food with dollars off coupons for 5 cans of food, and the management team paid $5 a head for each employee who dressed in costume for Halloween. In a move that has proved to be a real money generator for the Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive program, My Plumber Heating and Cooling executives also assigned $1 to the food drive for each new “like “ the company received on Facebook. Between the three groups of people they raised 250 pounds of food and $230 that they used to buy easy open microwaveable meals, dried fruit, crackers and juice for the backpack program.  The drive was very successful.

For November and December, My Plumber Heating and Cooling, Stafford plumbers and Stafford heating and air technicians have decided to focus on raising food and support for the SERVE program.  On board for the program, My Plumber Office staff will have a favorite cold weather gear day.  Our technicians including Stafford plumbers and Stafford heating and air repair techs, will be collecting those five cans of food.   The executive management team have not told us what they have up their sleeves yet, but you can bet it will be something good.

If you would like to do something to help us raise food for Stafford SERVE then please take a moment to “like” My Plumber Heating and Cooling on Facebook.  Just Click Here to access the link.

My Plumber Plans to Revive Food Drive

Since the beginning of its Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive program in 2004, My Plumber Heating and Cooling has collected about 85,000 pounds of food for those who are experiencing food insecurity in the area. Unfortunately, the economic slowdown has contributed to a dramatic reduction in collections in the last couple of years, but My Plumber has a plan to turn that around.

My Plumber will add a dollar’s worth of food to the Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive for every member of the community who “likes” the company on Facebook (up to 5,000 people). The company hopes to see an outpouring of support for the food drive that begins with mouse clicks and expands to real world donations.

“We have had days that you couldn’t get through the office without tripping over the food,” said company Vice President Mark Presgrave recently. “Days that we took 500 pounds of food to a shelter it caused a celebration.” He added, “Providing food fits with the work we do. Plumbing service specifically addresses something that is basic and absolutely necessary to the health and well being of the community. Raising food is something that has become a part of our company personality. We had to find a way to ensure it continues.”

To “like” the Facebook fan page visit!/MyPlumberHandC?sk=app_392248091048.

To learn more about My Plumber Heating and Cooling visit the website at

A Question About Our Service

A gentleman from Accokeek Md. recently wrote to us and asked:

I am unhappy with the company that I currently have a heating and A/C repair contract with. I was wondering if you offered contracts that for an annual fee provided a heating inspection in the fall and an A/C inspection in the spring and provided a reduced cost for repairs. We have been with the same company for 8 years however the technicians they have been providing have been doing substandard work of late that resulted in our system failing 2 weeks after the inspection 3 times in a row, all due to missing problems. We are looking for a new and reliable company to provide all services for our systems.

Our Answer

Sir, we have the kind of program you are asking about, with some pretty incredible side benefits.Our Priority Club offers three preventive checks a year, one for each of your systems (heating, cooling and plumbing) in addition to a fantastic bundle of services and perks available only to you, as a Priority Club member.

Some of these services include:

  • Extended Same Day Service Hours – Call before 2PM Monday – Friday and before 10AM Saturday and Sunday
  • Waive the Plumbing Dispatch Fee
  • Double your Discounts, up to $200
  • Concierge Service! Each member gets a concierge phone number to call, and receive Priority service
  • Over $2,200 in Coupon Savings – available only to Priority Club members

You can look at our Priority Club online at our website. The address is here and if you have any questions our customer service agents will be happy to help you at 1-866-469-7586

Company to Give Away a Heating System

Company to Give Away a Heating System
Looking for the Right Person to Give a Home Heating System

My Plumber Heating and Cooling prides itself on a long history of giving back to the communities that it serves.As company founder R. Wendell Presgrave explains it, “We consider it our privilege to give something back to the communities that provide our living, and frankly, we love having the opportunity.”My Plumber has collected many tons of food for the hungry, performed free or deeply discounted plumbing repairs for homeless shelters and in private homes throughout Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland, and sponsored sports teams, school plays and many other educational activities.The company also has a tradition of replacing, for free, the oldest, ugliest heating system that it can find each autumn.

Over the past year, My Plumber has spent some time thinking about the best ways to give back to the community, and the most effective ways to use its resources.The company decided to add a new element to its tradition of giving away a new heating system by searching for a deserving local resident to be the recipient, instead of simply replacing the oldest system it found.

To that end, My Plumber has developed an application process for those in its service area who are interested in receiving a free new heating system.The successful candidate will be someone who does work that is vital to the community, but who does not have a high income.Special consideration will be given to the candidate who also volunteers:for example, a local police officer who volunteers to teach English to immigrants, or a teacher who volunteers time with hospice patients.Finally, the candidate must have an old heating system which is in danger of failing.

Applications for My Plumber’s Heating System Giveaway are available at My Plumber headquarters (9975 Pennsylvania Avenue, Manassas, Virginia), or request an application by e-mail to applications and supporting materials must be received by noon on Tuesday, November 23, 2010.The winner will be announced December 10, 2010 at 2:00PM EST.

Questions to

A Customer Has a Question for My Plumber

Recently we received an email from a customer of ours. He asked us to settle a difference of opinion he had with his wife and we were happy to oblige. The email question follows:

“My wife and I always use My Plumber for our plumbing needs and I was wondering if you could settle a little dispute we are having.I have started trying to help more around the house since she started her new job and part of my job is the laundry. After I dry clothes I like to hang them as quick as I can to keep the wrinkles out, then I hang the hanger on an exposed drain pipe in the basement ceiling.My wife says that this is a bad idea that it will hurt the plumbing and we will have to have you guys back out.Is she right about that?It doesn’t seem to me that a couple of shirts, a dress and two pairs of pants should cause a problem for the pipes.”

My Plumber’s Reply:

First, we commend you for sharing the household duties.But we have to agree with your wife on this one.Plumbing pipes are not designed to carry additional weight.Over time, the added stress of a little laundry will weaken connections and loosen fasteners, causing the pipes to leak.

We recommend purchasing a rolling laundry cart that has a bar across the top.The bar is designed for hanging clothes and will keep items wrinkle-free until you can get them to the folding table.Laundry carts are affordable and widely available, and could save you from hearing “I told you so.”

*If you have a general plumbing, heating or air conditioning question, please write to us at and request a blog reply. We will be happy to answer.


Mark Presgrave Wins 2010 SmartCEO Circle of Excellence Award

Vice President of My Plumber Heating and Cooling recognized as one of Greater Washington’s most accomplished and unique business leaders

Manassas, Va. May10, 2010 – My Plumber Heating and Cooling announced today its Vice President, Mark Presgrave, has received a Washington SmartCEO 2010 Circle of Excellence Award, which recognizes 10 Greater Washington CEOs who have demonstrated specific leadership attributes that have made them uniquely successful in the business community.

The 10 winners of the Circle of Excellence Award will be celebrated at SmartCEO’s Business Awards event on May 27, 2010 at the National Press Club, 529 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20045 from 6:00-9:00p.m. Joining the Circle of Excellence recipients are all of SmartCEO’s past award recipients and our pick for CEO of the Year.

The Circle of Excellence categories for which CEOs were nominated and honored are:

  • Growth Management
  • Philanthropy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Turnaround
  • Product Innovation
  • Client Relations
  • A Classic
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Resilience

“Circle of Excellence winners are not only selected and honored for their accomplishments, but for demonstrating success in applying a unique leadership attribute that significantly benefits their business and the community,” said Jaime Park, Publisher of Washington SmartCEO magazine. “We are honored to recognize Mark Presgrave as one of Greater Washington’s standout leaders.”

Washington SmartCEO magazine is a regional “growing company” publication.SmartCEO believes that a “growing company” is really determined by the spirit, drive and dynamics of a company’s owners and managers, rather than by the size of its building, the number of its employees, or its sales volume. Each month, a variety of businesses in the greater Washington and greater Baltimore areas turn to our pages for features, case-study advice and trend analysis, all with a uniquely local flavor. SmartCEO is read by more than 34,000 business owners in Baltimore and Washington.

For a complete list of winners or more information about the program and event, visit

My Plumber Heating and Cooling has been honored by the communities in which it operates for providing excellent service, technological advances and for its commitment to meeting the needs of the people in the communities it serves. To learn more about My Plumber visit their web site at read their blog at