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The experience was very pleasant

My Plumber CA
Written by: Llya O.
Date Published: 08/31/2014
When Miguel has arrived to my clogged sink, I thought it will take a whole day to dismantle the think clean it up and assemble it back as there is no direct access to the air trap, which is usually the first thing that get clogged. He listened to the sound of filling up running water and immediately diagnosed that the stoppage is below the air trap and, woalala, the clean up from the side-house orifice with his motorized snake took approximately 15 min to do the work. Additional 10-15 minutes he took to carefully inspect for any other potential troubles. The experience was very pleasant when you see professional doing his job. I would highly recommend My Plumber as a company and Miguel as the technician with excellent skills.

courteous and competent

My Plumber CA
Written by: Cindy R.
Date Published: 04/18/2015
Late on a Saturday afternoon, our Bathroom drains backed up and when I contacted the company we have always used in the past, we found out that now that we have Solar panels on the roof, he didn't have access to the clean out drain on the roof any longer. We had to find a company that could 'pull the toilets' to get at the snake in. It was nerve racking reading all the contradictory reviews. However, I have to say that Ray with My Plumber called me very quickly after i left a message on their emergency line, I told him what the problem was and he gave me a complete quote before he came out. He arrived within 20 minutes, pulled the toilet, cleared the drains, double checked his work and charged me exactly what he told me it would be. He also did not charge me the emergency or after hours rate. He was courteous and competent.

Corey K is a very knowledgeable technician

My Plumber CA
Written by: Cory K
Date Published: 02/11/2015
Corey K is a very knowledgeable technician. Over a three day period, he went above and beyond the call of duty. He thoroughly assessed our plumbing and gas leak problems, plainly explained and discussed the options, completed the work as directed in a very timely manner, and cleaned up after himself at the end of each shift. He took great pride in his work, and was highly personable while retaining a superior level of professionalism. He gained my confidence to such a degree that I also asked him for a second opinion about our water heater tank, which a former My Plumber employer had diagnosed as problematic. It turned out that the situation was more seriously dangerous than we realized. With Corey's expert guidance we picked a new tankless heater as a replacement and decided on its location. After making a few trips to gather the new equipment, he installed the heater in record time with minimal complications. During the course of the three days Corey worked for us, my husband and I also brought up the topic of our air conditioning and heating situation, which was being handled by another company. He explained the benefits of a coordinated maintenance plan for plumbing, cooling and heating, and explained how My Plumber could help us with such a plan. He asked his colleague in charge of cooling and heating to visit us while Corey was still working. His colleague analyzed the situation and clearly talked with us about options.. Again we were very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and good nature of yet another My Plumber staff member. We ultimately decided that it would be in our best interest to shift A/C and furnace maintenance to My Plumber. My Plumber is not the least expensive of plumbing, heating and cooling companies available in San Diego, but the fees are reasonable considering the high level of technical and public service that Corey and his colleagues provide. Kudos to the company for hiring such able employees!! I highly recommend them without hesitation.

Lucky Me I Called My Plumber

Lucky Me
Hi everyone, had a problem with our water heater the other day and, lucky me I called My Plumber...
My Plumber CA
Written by: Leslie P.
Date Published: 05/11/2015
Hi everyone, had a problem with our water heater the other day and, lucky me I called My Plumber, they must have sent me one of their best and most knowledgeable technicians. His name was Michael -Mike. Although I was not excited about the bad news, (mind you, no one ever is).... Hahah I was given options and I made up my mind...he took care of the problem and fixed others to help the situation in the long run. I thought it was a bit expensive but, then again, it was not just any handyman that I called. It is a licensed and bonded company that gives you warranty on their work. And since I have had them do work in the past I I even got a lil discount. I spoke with the office manager , Lonnie , and she was great and understanding. P.S. A lil reminder , when you get a chance, drain your water heater, at least once a year. With our hard water that we have in San Diego, it will only give your water heater a longer life.