Learn More About Your Home’s Vital Systems With Our Helpful FAQ’s

Here you can find information about some of the most common plumbing concerns before our team’s (619) 374-8510 scheduled service call. Find out more by calling our experts at (619) 374-8510!

Water heaters are designed to hold a set number of gallons; however, they require occasional maintenance in order to reach their maximum capacity. Even if you have your water softened, minerals and sediment can build up in your tank, making it impossible for the heater to hold the gallons for which it was designed. Consider having your water heater cleaned to help improve the amount of hotwater available in your home.

Usually, air has become trapped in the pipes, making that surprising sound you hear when you turn on the faucet. This can happen in any faucet and the sound often goes away on its own. If you frequently experience this noise, ask our plumber to inspect your pipes to see if there’s an underlying chronic cause.

An unexpectedly high water bill almost always signals the homeowner that there’s a problem. Usually,
it’s a minor but irritating leak—either in the toilet or in one of your faucets—though sometimes it indicates a structural slab leak that can compromise your home’s foundation. Experiment by turning off the water to your home. If the water valves are still moving, you probably have a broken pipe.