Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA Toilet Issue repair and replacement in San Diego CA
Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation

San Diego Toilet Repair and Installation

There’s absolutely no question about the number one reason that we are called in to work on toilets. It’s that dreaded toilet clog – you know – the one where the plunger doesn’t work, and nasty water is starting to spill over onto your floor. Our toilet repair guys have a power auger specially designed to reach through the toilet trap and clear the clog. Of course, that’s not the only thing that can go wrong with a toilet.

Common Toilet Issues

Successful toilet installation in San Diego California

  • Running toilet
  • Bad flapper valve
  • Rusted bolts
  • Broken shut-off valve
  • Base leakage
  • Unstable toilet
  • Leaking reservoir
  • Punctured ballcock
  • Supply line leak
  • Broken fill valve
  • Ballcock failure
  • Disabled float arm
  • Inappropriate fill level

Is your toilet constantly running?

plumber in San Diego repairs a toilet and replaces tank lid
If so, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year. How is this possible? A constantly running toilet can waste upward of 7,000 gallons every month. At a conservative $0.002 per gallon (the national average – which we are above), that’s $14 per month. But remember, you’re probably paying your sewer bill too, which is also based on water usage. Sewer rates are about one-and-one-half times as high as water costs (in this case $0.003 per gallon). So this would add another $21 per month. That’s $35 per month (or $420 annually).

We do a standard dye test to check for toilet leaks. This involves placing a non-toxic dye into the reservoir tank and letting the toilet sit for 5 minutes. If any of the dye has found its way into the bowl in that time, you’ve got a leak. We’ll check to see if the valve seat broken, which is the most common cause, then proceed to check if the water level is set too high, the float is set too low or the float is damaged and taking in water. Once we’ve located the problem, the toilet repair will take less than half an hour.

Are you constantly having to double flush the toilet?

You might not be getting enough water into the bowl fast enough. We’ll check the water level (it should be within 1 ½ inches of the top of the reservoir), the flush valve seat to make sure there is no build up stopping the full flush, the rim ports to make sure that they are not clogged and creating an improper water flow pattern and whether or not you have a partial clog in the line that is slowing down the evacuation of the bowl. This is another easy fix once it is diagnosed.

Is there water at the base of your toilet?

There are several things that can cause an apparent toilet bowl leak. You might have a broken seal at the reservoir inlet or bowl to tank connection. There might be a poor seal at your wax ring. You might even have a crack in the actual toilet bowl. The fix could be as simple as replacing a wax seal or as bad as having to replace the entire bowl. Of course, you might not have a leak at all.

Your tank could just be sweating and creating water slicks on your floor. This happens when the water in the reservoir is significantly lower than humid air in the bathroom. There are three ways to fix this. You could buy a drip pan and place it behind your toilet, purchase a reservoir jacket to warm up the outside surface of the reservoir, or you could have a temperator valve installed that will bring warmer water into the reservoir. All of these solutions are effective. You just have to decide which one works with the aesthetics of your current bathroom.

New Toilet Installation

Kohler toilets

Are you in the market for a new toilet? We do new toilet installation too! We can install brand new low-flow toilets from all major brands, including Kohler, Briggs, Mansfield, Crane, American Standard, Toto, Western Pottery, Gerber, Barclay and more.

Our plumbing professionals can also help you pick out the right toilet for your home and family. For a slim half-bath, an elongated oval bowl is a good choice, while a traditional round throne might be right for a three-quarter one. With the sheer number of styles available, we can give you expert advice on which toilets will give you the best performance while enhancing the look of your bath.

“We called My Plumber on a Sunday morning because all of our toilets were backing up and water was coming out from the floor from one of them: big crisis. Chris arrived within the hour. After a look around he told us what the problem(s) might be and what solution he had and an estimate of costs. He said it would take a little more prodding to make sure it was in fact what he thought, and if it was OK with us he’d go ahead. The estimate sounded reasonable and everything he said made sense, so ahead he went and had everything up and running in no time (even though he had to take out one of the toilets and redo the seal, etc). Very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy tech; courteous too. A great company with a strong work ethic. Thanks!”

Gladys Garcia
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