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Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas Line Repair & Installation in San Diego

San Diego gas line installation - yellow gas pipeAre you putting in a new gas appliance? If you are, there’s a good chance you’re going to need professional help. Installing and connecting gas lines is not a DIY job. A leaky gas line can allow potentially deadly build-ups of natural gas in your home. A large leak can cause an explosion hazard while a slow leak could have long term health effects. Prevent damage and injury today by calling My Plumber CA, the San Diego gas line repair & installation professionals. Our gas line specialists use state-of-the-art gas line installation & leak detection equipment to ensure that every job is done safely and securely.

Gas Lines Can Be Dangerous

Chances are good that several appliances in your home rely on natural gas. Your stove, oven, furnace, barbecue, and water heater are the most common uses, but they’re not alone.

If you detect a rotten egg smell near any of these appliances, chances are good that you have a gas leak. Natural gas is totally odorless in its natural state, but the utility companies add mercaptan to give the gas its distinctive smell, so you’ll quickly know if there’s a leak. If you have a gas leak, leave the area immediately and call the professionals at My Plumber CA. Even the flicking of a light switch can provide enough of a spark to ignite a natural gas cloud.

What are the consequences of gas leaks?

Gas cooking range throwing even blue flames

A small natural gas leak often goes unnoticed for a long time and can cause serious health problems. The first signs of natural gas exposure are due to the Mercaptan. This nerve toxin causes prolonged headaches, nausea, dizziness, short term memory issues and confusion. These symptoms are often misconstrued as signs of the flu. As exposure becomes greater, breathing difficulty can occur and the lack of oxygen can lead to seizures. If the exposure continues for a long period of time it may lead to epilepsy, pneumonia, memory loss, depression, claustrophobia and heart problems.

What causes gas leaks?

Residential gas meterGas leaks are usually caused by poorly sealed gas line connections or frayed delivery lines. Not using a yellow Teflon gas sealing tape on the threaded portion of the coupling can result in slow leak. Damage to dryer lines happens when the dryer is not on a level surface and shakes during use. After an extended period of time the rubbing of the line against the metal connectors can result in a leak.

Our San Diego Gas Pipe Repair & Installation Team Relies on High Quality Leak Detection Equipment

Rigid gas sniffer used for gas line repair in San DiegoWe have special gas leak sniffers that are hundreds of times more sensitive than the human nose. They quickly pinpoint the source of the gas leak so we can get to work fixing it fast. Due to the nature of gas leaks, time is of the essence. If you are worried that there may be a natural gas leak in your office, home, or in any structure, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. The Processionals at My Plumber CA will ensure your gas leak is resolved in the fastest possible time. For professional gas pipe repair or replacement in San Diego, trust the team at My Plumber CA.

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