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Are your home’s drains stopped up? Drain clogs are the bread and butter of what plumbers do. My Plumber CA is no different. We handle clogged sinks, backed up tubs, toilet clogs and more.

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Why Call My Plumber for your Drain Cloggs?

  • Our clogged drain cleaning methods are carefully chosen to clear the clog without damaging your pipes
  • We’re experienced with a wide variety of drain cleaning equipment, from power augers to heavy duty hydro jetters
  • We offer a same day guarantee on service if you call before noon
  • We rely on a video inspection camera, so you can be sure that the clog is gone
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all service, including drain cleaning

Avoid Clogged Drain with Proper Drain Maintenance

Most home and business owners can avoid backed up drains with a bit of education and a few low cost items. Different drains usually have different clog causes, and knowing the difference can help you avoid drain clearing for years to come.

Kitchen Drain Maintenance

There are two major causes of clogs in the kitchen – food chunks and grease. When warm grease and oil are poured down the drain, it coagulates in the pipes. This fatty gunk acts like a dam and collects other debris as it flows down the drain. This leads to slow running drains and, eventually, a full blockage.   Running cold water while rinsing off oily dishes will cause the oil to coagulate before entering the pipes and solidifying there. On rare occasions, garbage disposals get clogged with thin fibrous vegetable peels (especially potato and cucumber). These clogs can be cleared by removing the drain line from the garbage disposal and removing the peels by hand.

Bathroom Drain Maintenance

Toilet drain cleaned in Santee CALet’s start with the toilet. We all know the most common reason for toilet backups – the dreaded toilet paper glob. A few pushes of the plunger usually takes care of it. But what if someone flushes something else down there? If you don’t own a drain snake, you might be in trouble. A plunger can’t always dislodge a Lego creation, Barbie Doll accessory or foam ball.

Tub and sink drains are usually clogged by hair and undissolved soap scum. The key to stopping these clogs is to prevent hair from going down the drain in the first place. Placing drain filters or screens over the drain prevents hair from getting caught on imperfections on the interior of the pipe and causing a hairball. Soap scum is a bit different. This is a combination of soap and skin cells that congeal because the soap doesn’t fully dissolve during your bath or shower. High calcium and magnesium content in your water can cause this. Installing a water softener can help remove those ions from your water and better dissolve soap. It will also get rid of any water aftertaste as well.

Utility Room Drain Maintenance

In the utility room, the drain is usually in the floor. This lead to all kinds of dirt and debris getting mucked in there. Most floor drains already have a screen on them to prevent large items from going down the drain. The only other thing you can do to keep these drains clear is actively avoid putting excess dirt down them. If your utility drain is backing up after showering or flushing a toilet, you may have a more serious clogged drain problem. My Plumber CA will clear the clog and then video inspect the drain to identify the problem and give a recommendation on how to keep the problem from

floor drain cleared by a plumber

Our clogged drain cleaning can clear out the unavoidable clogs

Rigid Seesnake in use after a San Diego drain cleaning serviceIf all of your drains are running slow, the culprit may be lodged in your main drain line. It could be years of debris or a new tree root busting through the sewer line. When tree roots drill their way through the pipe, they create a dam in the center of the line which collects various waste. These clogs get larger an allow less and less water to pass. This will cause every drain in the home to slow. When this happens, it’s time to call My Plumber. We have a 4,000 PSI hydrojet that pulses water down the line. This will cut the tree roots and dislodge all of the other debris. When a jetting is done, your pipes will be a clean as they were the day they were installed. We’ll even show you the difference with a complimentary look through our drain camera.

Drain Line Coating

After your clogged drains have been cleaned and seen on a video inspection, a drain epoxy coating may be the next step. If you have old clay, cast iron, or even plastic pipes, they can crack over time for no reasons other than normal use. Drain coating is a process where an epoxy is sprayed and coats the inside of the pipe for a long lasting repair. This is best because it has less digging or tear out to replace a pipe. Drain line coating is a great option to ensure a properly working drain for years to come. See the video below of the drastic changes a drain can look like after coating.