Service for sump pump repair in San Diego Service for sump pump repair in San Diego Service for sump pump repair in San Diego Service for sump pump repair in San Diego Service for sump pump repair in San Diego Service for sump pump repair in San Diego
Sump Pump Repair & Installation

San Diego Sump Pump Repair & Installation

A sump pump might be your only defense against a flood in your home. If you have a basement, or live in a split level home where part of the living space is below ground level, there is a chance that water could penetrate your foundation and cause a problem. Most homes that were built this way already have a sump system installed. If you have one, you need to make sure it is in working order by testing it every month. This can be done by filling the pump well with water and seeing if the float or automatic switch engages. If it doesn’t, call our San Diego sump pump repair & installation team before it’s too late.

How Is Your Sump Pump Powered?

In most cases, a sump pump will be hardwired to the electrical system of the home and will have a battery backup system, in case the power should fail. This backup system is important because the pump needs to run constantly in order to prevent an overflow. There are units that plug into a wall socket as well, but these are less common. If you have one of these, make sure it is plugged in to a working ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

What Kind of Sump Pump Do You Have?

The sump pump may be connected to the municipal storm drain or even a sewer system, depending on your home’s setup. There are two basic types of sump pumps in San Diego – a pedestal unit and a submersible unit. A pedestal unit is mounted above the flood area, while a submersible unit is mounted below the flood area and sealed to protect the electrical circuits. Not sure which type is right for you? An experienced My Plumber technician can help you determine which sump pump model will work best in your San Diego home.

At least once a year you should remove the pump from the well and clean out the grates at the bottom. This will keep the pump from getting clogged and failing to pump at optimal efficiency. Follow your discharge line and look for the vent hole. Make sure this hole is clear to allow airflow out of the line when the pump is in use. Also, have your discharge pipe check for loose connections. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these things yourself, call the experts at My Plumber CA.

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