Water softener repair in San Diego Water softener repair in San Diego Water softener repair in San Diego Water softener repair in San Diego Water softener repair in San Diego Water softener repair in San Diego
Water Softener Repair & Installation

Water Softeners & Water Filtration Systems

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If you want crisp, clean water in your home, our San Diego water softener repair and installation experts are here to help. Whether you’re ready to pick the perfect system for your home and needs, or whether you just need to get your current system up and running again, we can help. Start enjoying safer and fresher water today.

Water Softeners are Good for your Health

Unfiltered tap water can cause more harm than you might realize. Calcium, magnesium, and other waterborne chemicals can do more than leave a ring in your tub or make your clothes dingy – they can also raise your risk for cancer.

If you have municipal water, there is a good chance that it contains chlorine and chloramines. While they’re both effective at killing off harmful bacteria, they are also considered cancer-causing agents. Well water is usually free of chlorine and chloramines, but can often contain other contaminants, such as pesticides, fertilizers and other carcinogens.

What is the Difference between Water Filters and Water Softeners?

The difference between water softeners and water filters is in what they remove from the water. Water softeners (also called water conditioners) remove calcium, magnesium and iron from well water (municipal systems usually remove this from their systems).  Water filters remove chemical contaminants, including chlorine, from your incoming water.

If you get your water from the city, chances are it was piped in from a long distance away. Along the way, it has picked up plenty of hard water minerals. In fact, Southern California has some of the hardest water in the entire country with the latest samples from the San Diego Utilities showing 15.4 grains per gallon (gr/gal) or 263 parts per million (ppm).

Getting high quality, soft and chemical-free  water in your home will require both a water filtration and water softener installation. The good news is there are combination systems that do both. We suggest a  carbon/KDF adsorption filter system with a UV light for well water users and a standard softener/filter system for municipal water users.

For those of you who don’t like the traditional feel of “slippery” conditioned water, we also install salt-free  conditioner units. They use a special filter media that clears calcium and magnesium without electrical assistance. It also doesn’t backwash. Although the system is initially more expensive, you won’t have the monthly maintenance costs associated with a salt system. In fact, the media filter will last a family of four, with regular usage habits, about 10 years.

Why Install a Water Filter in your San Diego Home?

You use the water in your home for cooking, bathing and cleaning. Think about how much you use it every day. Now think about this –

  • A report from the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality found that cancer risks for people who drink chlorinated water are 93% higher than people who don’t.
  • The American Chemical Society estimated that up to 100 times more chlorine is brought into the body from breathing the steam from hot water than from drinking it.
  • Americans could be drinking as much as 600 times the safe amount of Chlorine as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Chlorine itself isn’t the major problem. It reacts with other organic chemicals present in the water to create DBPs (Disinfected By-Products) that can be more than 100 times more toxic.
  • An Ultra-Violet  purification system will destroy bacteria and viruses that cause diseases, including the flu, cholera, meningitis and dysentery.
  • Carbon filtration units will remove volatile organic compounds, benzene, radon, trichlormethane, chlorine, chloramines and hundreds of other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Why Install a Water Softener?Water softener repair and installation in San Diego

Hard water isn’t going to cause you any health problems, but it can keep you from getting things clean. When there is calcium and magnesium in your water, it prevents soap from fully breaking down and leaves a colloid behind – this is the bathroom scum on your shower curtain and the ring around your tub. It also leaves a residue on your dishes and clothes and, most importantly, your skin. Hard water can also cause a scale build up on the inside of your pipes that can reduce the life of appliances, faucets and the pipes themselves.

With a water softener you’ll see immediate improvements including:

  • Softer, healthier skin
  • Whiter, brighter, softer clothes
  • Shiny, manageable hair
  • Spotless dishes
  • No tub rings or soap scum build-up

You’ll be cleaning less, using less soap and looking better than ever. Your appliances will be more efficient and last longer, and the hard water taste will be gone too!

Do You Need Your Water Softener Repair?

Even the best water softeners don’t last forever, and there are plenty of reasons you’ll eventually need a water softener repair. If you notice any of the following, call us right away:

  • The water tastes different or feels different while showering
  • Water from the tap is killing off your houseplants
  • The salt level in your system isn’t changing
  • The system is running constantly
  • Yellow, peach, orange or brown water

Some of these problems can be caused by a salt bridge. This is when the lower layer of salt in the system dissolves and then reconstitutes leaving a solid piece of salt in the brine tank. This prevents salt pellets from reaching the water level and softening the water. You can clear a salt bridge on your own by breaking it up with a wooden stick. Don’t use anything sharp – it could puncture the sides of your brine tank.

If you don’t have a salt bridge, the problem is probably in the resin bed or softener head. These repairs require a professional. The worst type of issue is when the resin is corroded by chlorine in the water. The chlorine breaks down the resin, and it creates a liquid goo that is released with the water causing the distinct color change to yellow, peach, orange or brown. If your resin bed has been corrupted, you’ll need to have a full water softener replacement – or at least a new resin tank installed.

We Can Repair Any Kind of Water Softener

Since 1981, our team has repaired countless water softening systems throughout the San Diego area. Our team is fully equipped to handle systems by:

  • Pelican
  • Whirlpoolexample of a type of water softener that can be installed in san diegographic showing a possible san diego water softener
  • Aqua Pure
  • Krystal Pure
  • Waterboss
  • GE
  • Pentek
  • PurTest
  • Filtrete
  • Ecodyne
  • Home Master
  • DuPont
  • Culligan
  • Kinetico
  • And many more

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