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My Plumber Escondido Plumbing Services You Can Trust

Escondido plumbing contractor repairs a sink drain

When it comes to plumbing service, sewer line replacement or water heater repair it’s good to take some time to find a plumbing company that you can trust.  Once our customers examine the pros and cons of the situation they pick up their phone or open up their email and they request My Plumber Escondido.

They choose My Plumber Escondido not just because of its extensive warranties (the best in the industry), or the fact that the company is reliable (there when they say they will be), instead many choose My Plumber Escondido because of its’ 30 years of experience and because of the thorough background investigation it performs on all it technicians. Local residents know that when they choose a plumber or sewer repair technician from My Plumber Escondido they have chosen a company that has their back, when it comes to the security of their family and their home.

“Garrett worked all day and still came to my house at 9 pm to fix my sink fixture. He is very thorough and pleasant to be around. Never complained. Just did a great job and left. Thank you Garrett!”

– Cindy S.

Escondido, CA

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Our Escondido Plumbers Specialize in Drain Cleaning & Clog Removal

plumber in Escondido repairs a clogged drain

It’s amazing how much damage a drain clog can cause. When a sink, shower, or tub drain backs up, you’re lucky if the fixture is only too clogged to use. A less fortunate homeowner will have to deal with costly damage to their floor and structure, as well as real damage to their plumbing system.

That’s why, at the first sign of trouble, you shouldn’t hesitate to call our Escondido plumbers. While some minor clogs can be cleared out by a plunger or closet auger, you’ll need the help of our drain cleaning team to take care of those tougher, deeper clogs. Our whole team is trained with the industry’s safest and most effective drain cleaning equipment, so you can always trust us to pull out all the stops. All our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose!

“Garrett was a blessing. Explained everything, made me feel comfortable and that I wasn’t going to be scammed. Call him -”

Norma J Vanpoucke

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Escondido Trenchless Sewer Repair Without Having to Dig Up Your Entire Yard

Does your home having an aging sewer pipe systems that is beginning to cause problems with leaks, back ups, and/or roots in the pipes?  Trenchless sewer repair in Escondido might be the solution you’ve been looking for.  Our experts will come to your home and investigate the issue, and if you are a candidate for sewer repair or replacement we will provide a reliable trenchless solution for you.  

There are many benefits to trenchless sewer repair.  Mainly, the service is cost-effective compared to a traditional sewer line replacement because there is no need to tear up the entire yard and landscape to reach every pipe going into your home.  Our professionals can replace the pipes in a less labor intrusive way that also reduces costs and takes less time overall.  Call us with any questions or concerns you might have about sewer replacements and we’ll be happy tell you exactly how it’s done and we also guarantee our work.

Whole Home Plumbing Service Renovation and Upgrades

Are you in the process of either planning or currently remodeling your home?  Is your home’s kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures getting old and out of date and you’d like to upgrade to a more energy efficient plumbing system?  My Plumber Escondido is here to help!  

With over 30 years experience our plumbing experts can install any plumbing fixture your new home or remodel project requires.  Need a new corner shower?  We can install that!  Need a tankless or more efficient water heater?  We can install that!  How about a new beautiful bathroom vanity and low water use toilet?  We install those too!  Call us today and we can help you with every aspect of your home plumbing renovation.

Escondido Toilet Repair Solutions For All Toilet Types and Brands

Toilets are one of the most common culprits of Escondido plumbing issues and service calls in the area.  Most of the time the issues can be repaired at home without a professional plumber and here are our tips for common toilet repair tips.  If your toilet issue is bigger than just a small fix then please do give us a call and we’ll come out and get your bathroom back in working order in no time.  From leaks on the floor, bad wax seals, flushing issues, refill issues, etc we can handle them all.  If your toilet is beyond repair or you’d rather just get a new unit installed we will install it for you with a fair price for a reliable job.

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