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Lakeside Plumbing

Full Service Plumbing in Lakeside With Over 30 Years Experience

My Plumber Lakeside, drain and sewer warranties are seldom matched and cannot be beat. Additionally, with service hours seven days a week, we’ll be there for you whenever you need a plumber in Lakeside.

With professional plumbing service and repair you can rest easy knowing your plumbing problems will quickly vanish and once your system is inspected and fixed you won’t have to worry about another failure in your in your home or office.  Our Lakeside plumbers treat every job and client with the same respect we’d expect from anyone else coming into our home and fixing our plumbing. Our customer service is second to none, we take our time to make sure you understand what caused your problem, how to avoid it in the future, and we’ll also inspect your plumbing to look for any other signs that other problems could arise in the future.  

Lakeside Plumbing Services We Offer

Water Softener Repair

Water Softener RepairThe tap water in California can be really hard.  If your home has this issue, we can help you choose and install the perfect water softener for your home.  Water spots will be a thing of the past for you.

Drain Cleaning

Drain being Cleared in Lakeside CAWhatever the cause of your drain clog, we will clear it and clean it out.  Once your drain is working back to normal again, we’ll inspect it and your pipes to give you advice on how to avoid future drain clogs and to see if there is a larger underlying problem with your Lakeside plumbing system.

Fixing Leaks and Leak Detection

If your faucet or shower has a constant drip we can fix that for you with a fair and reliable job.  If your water bill is higher than normal but you can’t see any leaks, you might have a leak somewhere else in your system that you can’t find on your own.  Our professional Lakeside plumbers will inspect your whole pipe and plumbing system to track down the leak and fix it for you.

Whole Home Repipes

As your home ages, you plumbing pipe system does as well.  Just like with anything over time your home’s pipes will deteriorate and degrade causing leaks and costly water damage if the problem is ignored.  We can upgrade your pipes throughout your entire home giving you piece of mind from any costly pipe related plumbing damage popping up in your home.  

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage Disposal Repair in LakesideLet us take the pain and stress out of installing your new garbage disposal.  You can trust our installation will last for years to come. If your current disposal isn’t working properly or making strange sounds or has odd smells call us to come out and repair it for you.

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation in LakesideWe offer a wide variety of water heater installation.  If your water heater is going out or you just want to replace your old heater with a more cost and energy efficient model, we can take of that for you.  We repair and install standard water heaters, tankless water heaters, and solar water heaters.

Water Pressure Booster Installation

No one likes low water pressure in the kitchen or bathroom.  You can solve this problem for your household with an installation of a water pressure booster.  Get the water pressure you need for your shower.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you are in need of repairs to your sewer line you are looking at undertaking a very large task.  Our trenchless sewer line technology takes care of most of the work for you, without the need to rip up your entire yard and ruin your landscape.  Trenchless repair doesn’t need to dig up nearly as much and the job take much less time to repair your sewer line.

More Than Just a Plumbing Company

We here at My Plumber Lakeside don’t just want to be your first call for any plumbing issues you might have.  We want to be your partner in your home for anything plumbing related. Want to know the benefits of a solar water heater over a gas one?  Curious as to how to make your tap water taste better? Want to know the best ways to avoid drain clogs? Check out our blog for plenty of tips or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you in anyway we can.  And if your issue requires a visit from a plumber our friendly professional team will be out to right away and get your plumbing repair taken care of as soon as possible.