Mrs. Lomeli – San Diego, CA

“Re: Customer – Mrs. Lomeli
I received a phone call from Mrs. Lomeli, who proceeded to rave about Ricky, our technician.
She stated how wonderful he was, how comfortable they were – so much so – he was like family.
She let it be known that they saw other plumbers who just came in and out and didn’t bother to
explain what they were going to do – they just quoted a price. They were sloppy and disheveled.
And left them wanting.
Now Ricky she kept saying how he represents our company well- he is neat, clean, knowledgeable
and took the time to give them options and go over things. They like the fact that he would let
them know what choices they have and why this does this and what it would do for them.
She said that she even invited him and his girlfriend back next year to see how things will be working. And she said just be prepared to be busy because they are going to tell everyone about My
She was this happy with him just selling the call – he is scheduled next week to do the job. I can’t
wait to see how she reacts when the work is completed. Wonder if she will be adopting Ricky?
On a personal note- when a customer is this pro-active and this happy with a technician and how
he represents My Plumber before the job is done- All I can say is Wow!
SincerelyMichele Fortunati”