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My Plumber Commits to Charity: Water

If you’ve got clean, fresh water coming from your tap, you can thank a plumber. My Plumber San Diego has long been committed to educating our customers on various aspects of water consumption: ways to conserve water, the importance of water filters, and ways to minimize our carbon footprint by bottling water at home (rather than always buying new, disposable water bottles). So when we learned about Charity: Water, we didn’t hesitate to make it the exclusive charity that we campaign for.

We all know that water, along with air and food, is one of the absolute necessities in life. Yet, there are a billion people in the world without access to clean drinking water and 30,000 of them die each week as a result. Easily preventable diseases like diarrhea and dysentery, actually kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war.

In Africa alone, 40 billion hours a year are spent simply walking to and from the nearest water source, leaving that much less time available for education or work. Lack of safe, convenient water and sanitation eventually turns into $28 billion in economic loss.

When Charity: Water builds a freshwater well for a village, the hours formerly spent transporting unsafe water are reduced to mere minutes, and the water is safe to drink. Hygiene workers teach the necessity of sanitation, and latrines and hand-washing stations are constructed. The Water Committee set up to oversee the project provides leadership opportunities for people formerly limited by the demands of menial labor.  A convenient water supply and the free time it generates can allow for more food to be grown for one’s family, with a possible surplus left over to sell at the market.  Children who grow up with the provided basic necessities have a better chance to achieve the education necessary to become teachers and business owners.

A $20 donation to Charity: Water can give one person access to clean water. My Plumber of San Diego is excited to campaign for such a worthy cause, and we plan on raising money through customer and partner donations.

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Giving Something Back

My Plumber & The Arlington Food Assistance Backpack program

During October My Plumber Heating and Cooling employees turned their attention to Arlington Food Assistance Center’s Backpack Program for Children Living in Homeless Shelters.  This program provides preparation free (or microwavable) food for the weekends and holidays, to children who frequently don’t have easy access to a real kitchen.

The plumber service in Arlington and the heating and air repair technicians, as well as My Plumber Heating and Cooling’s office staff, worked together to raise money in support of this wonderful program. Office workers paid $5 for the privilege of wearing denim to work, Arlington plumbers and Arlington heating and air technicians collected food with dollars off coupons for 5 cans of food, and the management team paid $5 a head for each employee who dressed in costume for Halloween. In a move that has proved to be a real money generator for the Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive program, My Plumber Heating and Cooling executives also assigned $1 to the food drive for each new “like “ the company received on Facebook. Between the three groups of people they raised 250 pounds of food and $230 that they used to buy easy open microwaveable meals, dried fruit, crackers and juice for the backpack program.  The drive was very successful.

For November and December, My Plumber Heating and Cooling, Stafford plumbers and Stafford heating and air technicians have decided to focus on raising food and support for the SERVE program.  On board for the program, My Plumber Office staff will have a favorite cold weather gear day.  Our technicians including Stafford plumbers and Stafford heating and air repair techs, will be collecting those five cans of food.   The executive management team have not told us what they have up their sleeves yet, but you can bet it will be something good.

If you would like to do something to help us raise food for Stafford SERVE then please take a moment to “like” My Plumber Heating and Cooling on Facebook.  Just Click Here to access the link.

My Plumber Plans to Revive Food Drive

Since the beginning of its Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive program in 2004, My Plumber Heating and Cooling has collected about 85,000 pounds of food for those who are experiencing food insecurity in the area. Unfortunately, the economic slowdown has contributed to a dramatic reduction in collections in the last couple of years, but My Plumber has a plan to turn that around.

My Plumber will add a dollar’s worth of food to the Warm Hands and Full Hearts Food Drive for every member of the community who “likes” the company on Facebook (up to 5,000 people). The company hopes to see an outpouring of support for the food drive that begins with mouse clicks and expands to real world donations.

“We have had days that you couldn’t get through the office without tripping over the food,” said company Vice President Mark Presgrave recently. “Days that we took 500 pounds of food to a shelter it caused a celebration.” He added, “Providing food fits with the work we do. Plumbing service specifically addresses something that is basic and absolutely necessary to the health and well being of the community. Raising food is something that has become a part of our company personality. We had to find a way to ensure it continues.”

To “like” the Facebook fan page visit www.facebook.com/MyPlumberHandC?sk=app_392248091048#!/MyPlumberHandC?sk=app_392248091048.

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The Heifer International Gift Catalog

Do you know someone who has everything.Are you stressed outtrying to figure out what to give? Something, new, fresh and more importantly somethingthey don’t already have?

You might consider a hive of bees from Heifer International. When you donate to Heiferin a friends name, they are giving ahelping-hand to a family in need. Specify agift of bees and you insure that acommunity will as much as double, their crop production. The family will have honey, beeswax and newhives to sell and becausepart of theHeifer process is tolearn the art of “giving back” the gift will be shared with neighbors and friends, ensuring prosperity for the local community.

Heifer does not just “hand-out” the goods and walk away. They work with thier families, ensuring that they can carefor theanimals, rotate the crops, utilizethe gift they receive to its best advantage. They learn how to prosper, wherethey live.

Would you like to learn more? Here is the linkto Heifer Internationals websitehttp://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.204586/.