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Should I Turn Off My Furnace in Spring?

As the weather changes and the air begins to warm up outside, you might have caught yourself wondering – should I turn off my furnace in spring? By turning it off, we don’t just mean setting the thermostat to the off setting. You can also turn off the pilot light itself, which burns gas as […]

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DIY Heater Checkup for Fall and Winter

Do you want to be fully prepared for fall and winter? Then take a look at our tips below for your DIY furnace checkup for fall and winter. Do you have extra filters? It’s always a great idea to stock up on filters for your furnace. Depending on the filter type, you should change it every 1-3 […]

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It’s Time for that Furnace Tune Up!

It’s September and time to get your furnace tuned up so you can comfortably enjoy the winter months without your heating costs burning a hole in your wallet. The average cost of heating a San Diego home runs about $800 a year. A well tuned furnace can significantly lower that cost. What is a Furnace […]

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