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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

The cold weather is rolling in and that means furnaces all across the county will be kicking on. With houses being tightly sealed, this can lead to the accumulation of carbon monoxide inside your home. If your furnace vent is working properly, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if there is an issue […]

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Why Cracked Heat Exchangers Are A Real Danger

As San Diego’s furnace repair pros, there’s one piece of news we never like to have to give: “You’ve got a cracked heat exchanger.” A cracked furnace heat exchanger is a costly fix. Very often it’s more worthwhile to replace the whole furnace. But, as tough as it is to explain to someone that they […]

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A Question About Our Service

A gentleman from Accokeek Md. recently wrote to us and asked: I am unhappy with the company that I currently have a heating and A/C repair contract with. I was wondering if you offered contracts that for an annual fee provided a heating inspection in the fall and an A/C inspection in the spring and […]

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Company to Give Away a Heating System

Company to Give Away a Heating SystemLooking for the Right Person to Give a Home Heating System My Plumber Heating and Cooling prides itself on a long history of giving back to the communities that it serves.As company founder R. Wendell Presgrave explains it, “We consider it our privilege to give something back to the […]

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