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Keep Your A/C Running Cold This Summer With a DIY A/C Checkup

It’s August, the hottest month of the year in the San Diego area. Don’t be one of the unlucky residents to suffer an air conditioning failure. Follow these few steps to make sure your A/C keeps you cool the rest of the year.

Check Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the number one cause poor air conditioner performance. As the filter collects dirt and debris the air flow to your unit is restricted. The evaporator coils fail to get enough circulation around them and eventually ice up. Simply changing out your filter (or cleaning it, if you have an electrostatic model) every few months will prevent this from happening.

Remove Obstructions from the Condenser Unit

Another potential reason for poor air circulation in your outdoor condenser unit is exterior obstruction. This could be debris that has blown in against the unit, items like pallets leaned up against it or even vegetation growth surrounding the unit. Make sure that the area surrounding your unit is clear so it is able to get the air it needs to prevent coil freeze and poor overall performance.

Clean the Condenser

Dust and dirt can build up on the coils and fins of your condenser. This problem can be quickly remedied with a wet rag, some cleaning solution and garden hose. Disconnect the power to your A/C unit by switching it off at the breaker. Using a commercial air conditioner cleaner – available from us – spray the coils. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse it down with your hose. Wipe the coils and fins gently with a clean rag to remove any remaining dirt. Let the unit dry and then turn the power back on at the breaker.

Get an A/C Check-Up

Electricity isn’t getting any cheaper. The best way to make sure your unit is running efficiently and cooling you without breaking the back is to have an annual AC service checkup. It’s never too late to make sure that you have the proper refrigerant levels and your unit is working at its peak. The A/C checkup will also identify small issues with your system before they balloon into expensive fixes.

Prevent AC failure by taking a few small steps now to ensure a cool and relaxing summer!

Routine Maintenance

crescent wrench used for routine plumbing maintenance in San Diego, CAWhen you buy a new car, you’re looking for not only a car that looks great, but one that is durable, reliable, and in good mechanical condition. Whether you buy a top of the line luxury car off the lot, or a used sedan, you are going to get regular oil changes, tune-ups and part replacements at a predetermined schedule. We do this to keep our cars not only running their best, but retaining value as well.

Many of us don’t look at our home plumbing systems in the way that we would our daily driver, and it can end up being a costly mistake. Rather than waiting for a breakdown, try out a regular maintenance routine to assess the health of your home plumbing system, and keep it running smoothly.

There are a lot of things to be aware of on a regular basis. If you notice any changes, your safest bet is to diagnose what might be causing a problem before it grows. While you don’t need to take detailed logs of daily performance, it pays to be aware of anything seems a bit off.

What to Look For:

  • Corrosion
  • Leaks, condensation
  • Low water pressure
  • Low flow rate
  • Water heat issues
  • Leaky faucets
  • Garbage disposal performance changes
  • Corrosion/hard water damage

Aim for Maintenance Instead of Repairs

Creating a system of scheduled maintenance will keep you in the know before an issue becomes a problem. Let us show you how regular maintenance can be an investment into your home. Common plumbing problems like leaks and corrosion, if left unattended, can cause water damage, mildew, rust, corrosion. Call a licensed plumber before a plumbing problem becomes a structural one.

Get it in Writing

Nothing conveys confidence to a buyer, and nothing is more valuable to the seller than comprehensive maintenance records. Remember when you last bought or sold a used car? Imagine if you had ten years of maintenance records on the car in question. A thorough maintenance record will tell you what has been fixed, when it was worked on, and what may need work in the future. This is a valuable tool to have, and you will be building the value of your home while you keep it running smoothly.

Don’t know where to start? We Do.

Give us a call today. Our licensed residential plumbing technicians are trained to assess your home plumbing system. We’ll tell you what to keep an eye out for, and can even help you get started on a plumbing maintenance plan that’s right for you and your home. To learn more about our plumbing services, visit our plumbing services page.

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

A household sump pump is one of those appliances we keep around “just in case”. That’s good– it means we’re thinking ahead to possible problems. But in the hustle and bustle of day to day life it’s important to maintain these ‘just in case’ items so they’ll work when we really do need them.

In the case of sump pumps, depending on your location, they may pump periodically without you being aware, such as early spring when the ground is thawing. Because of this, you should not assume that nothing has changed since the last set of heavy rainstorms caused you to check your sump to make sure it was working properly. You should check it every season, just in case.

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Here are some things to check:

  • Check that the power cord is securely plugged in and that the GCFI switch is operational
  • If you have a back-up battery, check that it is connected, fully charged and operational.
  • Check the inlet screen for debris or gravel
  • Pour a pail of water in the sump hole to trigger the float switch and test the battery backup.

Make sure you know whether your unit requires regular greasing or other servicing. If you don’t have the manual, look up the make and model online and check.

Maintaining your sump pump takes only a few minutes a year, and is cheap insurance. If you aren’t very handy, or don’t want to be messing around in your basement, feel free to give your favorite plumbing service a call, and we’ll be right out to maintain your sump pump. Far better to be safe than sorry.

For any issue involving sump pumps or plumbing in San Diego, call My Plumber at (619) 447-5556

Keep Sewer and Drains Clear to Prevent Potential Flooding

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast this week, we wanted to remind everyone in the San Diego area to keep their sewer and drains clear to prevent potential flooding.

As we know, Southern California often gets periods of heavy rain and My Plumber San Diego receives numerous calls in regards to flooded homes, businesses and sump pumps not working. Based on our 30 years of experience and best plumber service we wanted to remind you of several reasons why basements and first floors flood.  Water can enter into your home or office via: leaks or cracks in walls, clogged main drains, foundation drain failure, leaking or clogged downspouts, sump pump failure, a sewer system clog or back-up, or poor lot drainage. Most of these occur as a result of heavy or persistent rainfall.

Besides the time and expense associated with a large clean-up bill, there are other negative consequences associated with flooding:

  • Consistent flooding resulting in long-term damage to your home or office may not be covered by insurance.
  • Mold and mildew growth may occur resulting in serious health problems.
  • Homeowner insurance rates or deductibles may rise to compensate for repeated flooding claims.

We hope your home or office never has s flood, but if it does, give My Plumber Heating and Cooling of San Diego a call. We are sewer and drain experts you can trust to find and fix your flooding problem. We will inspect your drainage systems and make recommendations to guide rainwater off the roof and away from your building.

Best of all, we can repair your sewer and main lines without tearing up your property. Our honest and highly-trained plumber service technicians will come to your home or business and consult with you on the best possible solution. We offer pluming service in San Diego, Oceanside, El Cajon, Chula Vista, and surrounding areas. Our work is 100% guaranteed so give us a call at1 (619) 447-5556 TODAY!

Water Heater Maintenance

Important Maintenance Information for Tank-Style Water Heaters

The average water heater sits in the dark recesses of the basement year in and year out with little or no attention from its owner.Although most people enjoy the luxury of hot water when bathing, they don’t actually think about the water heater.People seem to expect a lifetime of safe operation out of their tank-style heaters and never anticipate that a problem could occur.Occasionally, My Plumber will hear from one of its technicians about someone who built a room around their water heater and made the entrance smaller than the circumference of the tank, or just dry-walled completely around their water heater.

Considering how much people depend on having an available supply of hot water, it should be a priority to make sure one’s water heater is operating properly.Whether powered by electricity or gas, if it stores hot water in a tank until needed, it needs to be inspected frequently.

Hot water heaters come with an owner’s manual, and the safety instructions and inspection procedures outlined there should be followed.If the owner’s manual cannot be located, contact the manufacturer and request a new copy.Most manufacturers will be happy to oblige.

Here are a few tips about water heater safety:

Avoid leaving any flammable liquid, solvent or chemical stored in the same room with a tank-style water heater.Those items should be stored elsewhere, with lids firmly in place and away from children and pets.

Keep the thermostat set below 125F.At higher temperatures, the elderly, the disabled and small children can be easily burned or may be unable to react swiftly enough to avoid scalding water.

Check around the base of the water heater for moisture.Moisture indicates serious problems in the making which should be addressed quickly.

And finally, check the function of the T P (Temperature and Pressure) relief valve.Because most tank-style water heaters function day in and day out without problems, it is easy to forget about them.But a tank-style water heater with a malfunctioning T P valve is a bomb waiting to explode, and if it goes off it may very well take out the side of a house, or take off and go right through the roof.

In fact, water heater explosions were a fairly frequent occurrence before plumbing code demanded the inclusion of a T P relief valve as part of a water heater’s installation.Providing all water heaters with a T P relief valve prevented the excess pressure build up inside the tank and prevented the explosions.But the T P valve can fail, so it should be inspected frequently.

The T P valve is found on the side or on the top of the tank.Water dripping from the pipe connected to the T P valve is an indicator that the valve needs to be replaced or that the water is getting too hot due to a malfunctioning thermostat.If the T P valve needs to be replaced, it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

The plumbing system has been estimated to make up one seventh of the cost of building a home.Plumbing disasters can cost homeowners thousands of dollars when they occur.A careful inspection of the plumbing system and judicious maintenance can prevent many problems.Because the failure of a water heater’s T P valve can cost more than dollars can ever measure, theMaster Plumbers andJourneyman technicians atMy Plumber Heating and Coolingstrongly recommend that readers take a moment to check their water heaters soon.