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Air Pollution: It’s Everywhere, Including Your Home

Have you ever come home after work to a stuffy, stagnant house? If you leave your windows closed during your workday, you are keeping the same air in your home all day. In the age of air conditioning and insulation, the classic saying “home is where the heart is” is no longer true. Homes are […]

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Do Your Clothes Smell Moldy? It Could be Your Washing Machine!

Have you been trying to track down that moldy smell that keeps showing up on your clothes? It’s not in your closet, not in the laundry basket, not in the bathroom. Where is it coming from? It might be your washing machine – especially if it’s a newer front loading model. Why? It’s that fancy […]

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Indoor Air Quality is Nothing to Sneeze At

In the rush to make all of our homes ultra efficient by sealing air leaks and creating an air-tight home environment, we have run into an unintended consequence – indoor air quality problems. The air quality inside our homes can be up to six times worse than the air outside. That’s six times the number […]

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