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Keep Your A/C Running Cold This Summer With a DIY A/C Checkup

It’s August, the hottest month of the year in the San Diego area. Don’t be one of the unlucky residents to suffer an air conditioning failure. Follow these few steps to make sure your A/C keeps you cool the rest of the year. Check Your Air Filter A dirty air filter is the number one […]

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Summer Air Conditioning Costs Too High – Old Ductwork Could Be Blowing It For You

How old is your ductwork? No, really, it’s important to know. If your ducts were installed before energy efficiency was a key concern for home buyers (mid 1990s), your ducts could be leaking live a sieve. Ductwork used to be tossed in at the last minute and secured into place with a few metal screws. […]

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Summer Plumbing Issues

You might not think that some plumbing issues would be seasonal, but they are. Summer has it’s own peculiar trends; the holidays have others. Here are the top summer plumbing issues and what you can do to prevent them. Sprinkler Issues Of course, you might think, that certainly is a warm-weather-only problem. Yes, it is. […]

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Singing the Summertime A/C Bill Blues?

<![CDATA[ Don’t suffer through another month of sky-high electricity charges. If an overworked or an under-maintained air conditioning unit is to blame, take these hints and get a grip on that utility bill. Make sure that your filter is clean. Many people think that changing the filter or cleaning it twice a year is plenty […]

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