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Apple Smart Watches, iPhones, and… Toilets?!

Apple Smart Watches, iPhones, and… Toilets?!

In lieu of Apple introducing the newest iPhones and a smart watch, the only thought on my mind is what will Apple do next? From phones to watches to mp3 players, Applecertainly has a multitude of products in the technology sector. The flair and finesse of their products cause them to stand out and have created the Apple signature. I can only imagine how this flair would carry over if Apple were to delve into the plumbing business. Your bathroom appliances would be made of glass, steel and aluminum with shiny finishes. Of course, concepts for all plumbing appliances haven’t been drawn out, but there is one concept for a bathroom utility Apple fans can dream of owning: the iPoo toilet.

the Apple iPoo concept toilet

iPoo: The Toilet for You

Conceptualized by Milos Paripovic in 2012, the iPoo is a “prestigious designer toilet” that, instead of being oval or round like most toilets, is apple shaped. This design is meant to offer a more comfortable seat as the apple shape resembles a person’s bottom. Furthermore, the toilet has a shiny finish and a single button on top of the ‘stem’ part of the toilet for flushing. The iPoo does not boast any added functionality or features besides its appearance, but for some, appearance is all that matters.

While the iPoo concept is a satire by the author solely meant to entertain, it is certainly a testament to how much influence style and looks have on a buyer in all facets of home life. There are some very real changes and additions you can make to your bathroom in order to add style, though for the time being these changes do not include anything manufactured by Apple.

Realistic Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Blue tile luxury bathroom

Many homeowners love the idea of standing out amongst their neighbors and friends with lavish, luxury homes. While the iPoo toilet certainly would be an eye-catching addition to any bathroom, there are some luxury bathroom ideas created by Metropolitan Home that are equally enticing.  One concept features a tub that stands alone on marble and centerpieces the rest of the bathroom. Shower lovers, fear not for there is a large shower enclosed in glass. The use of marble and the color white in this bathroom scheme gives the impression of cleanliness and highlights the sharp lines of the design. Another concept has blue tiles lining the floor and walls, dual sinks, a bathtub in the floor, and a walk in shower. The entire layout brings the beach or a tropical island to mind with its simplicity and blue color scheme. And really, who wouldn’t want subtle reminders of the ocean and tropics while showering or brushing your teeth?

These are just two ideas to spruce up your bathroom and add a touch of elegance to your home. The possibilities for designing your dream bathroom are endless, and here at My Plumber CA, we are committed to helping you accomplish your bathroom needs and dreams. Call us today to discuss your next bathroom remodel!

Centerpiece bathtub in a luxury bathroom remodel


Toilet Won’t Stop Running?

Every plumbing service soon gets to know the pet peeves of their customers. Along with slow-moving drains, low pressure and a high water bill, a toilet that won’t stop running is a thorn in peoples’ sides.

Troubleshooting a toilet that won’t stop running:

1      Jiggle the handle. If that solves the problem, the issue is likely that the chain is wrapped around the flush handle arm. You can fix this by taking the cover off the toilet tank and straightening out the chain. You may want to cut the chain with wirecutters if there’s more than an inch in excess chain. That should help prevent the problem in the future.

2      If jiggling the handle doesn’t work, the next step is to see if the tank is leaking. There are toilet dye tablets, but you can use food coloring if you like (not red, it can stain your tank. Blue is your best bet.) Drop the dye into the tank and wait a few minutes. If there’s coloring in your toilet bowl, you have a leaky flapper. Turn off the water, flush the tank, remove the flapper (it’s usually a simple snap-on fitting) and head down to your local home supply store for an exact match.

3      Not the flapper? Check the float. Does it stick? Mineral buildup can sometimes cause the float to stick. If this is the case, it will have to be switched out.

Those three steps will account for 90% of toilet problems. If it’s still running (or you just don’t feel like messing with it yourself) give My Plumber San Diego a call at 877-697-5862

Wendell and Mark's Favorite Plumbing Tips


Our Favorite Plumbing Tips

It is easy to check for toilet leaks that might waste water and raise your water bill. Teach your children about water conservation by letting them help you. Put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. If colored water shows up in your toilet bowlbeforethe next flush (at least 15 minutes) thenyou know that you have a leak that iswasting water and costing you money.