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The Ductless Mini Split – Heating and Cooling for the 21st Century

If you are looking for a way to bring your heating and cooling into the 21st century, the ductless mini split might be exactly what you are looking for. It is a great solution for those of you who are putting on additions or looking for a way to turn a sun room into a year round paradise.

What is a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split system is composed of both an outdoor compressor and condenser system and one or more indoor evaporator and blower units. The indoor units may be mounted on any wall or in the ceiling. There are even hidden units available that fit in seamlessly with your décor.

How is it different than a window or portable air conditioner?

Mini splits don’t have to be mounted inside a window casing or through an exterior wall. They can be mounted anywhere within the living space. Additionally, because the compressor is located outdoors, the mini split is much quieter than a window or portable air conditioning system.

Why is it better than a central air system?

Most central air units are set to cool an entire home. Unless you have a zoned system, ductless mini splits are the best way to condition individual portions of the home as needed. Multiple indoor blower units allow you to only cool the areas that are occupied and not waste cooling power on vacant spaces.
Ductless systems also save energy by putting the cooling source directly in the room instead of in a centralized location. Up to 30% of all cooling energy can be lost in the ductwork of a traditional system. This waste is eliminated in the ductless system. This has made it possible for some ductless units to achieve SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) values of 27 and higher, making them some of the most efficient HVAC options available.

Do I Need an Inverter System?

Units with an inverter system run a variable speed motor. This allows them to deliver cooling at the rate necessary for the conditioned area. This can lead to a saving of up to 30% over older units without an inverter system. Inverters aren’t necessary, but they will lower your cooling bill significantly while also keeping the humidity in your home at a comfortable level.

What About Air Filtration?

One of the first questions we get about ductless systems is “where is the air filter?” The answer – there is an ion filer in each blower unit. These ion filters are similar to those on window air conditioners and remove odors, pollen, dust and dander just like traditional filters.

Can a Ductless Mini Split Be Used for Heating?

Since it doesn’t get too cold here in San Diego, units with electric heaters are often the mini splits of choice. There are also heat pumps that work with mini split systems. These forced air systems are often used instead of older baseboard heaters in the area.

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