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Faucets and Showers and Leaks? Oh My!

What happens when you have a leaky faucet or a drippy shower? Do you simply ignore it, thinking that it isn’t really costing you that much? If you do – here’s some math for you.

Drip + Drip + Drip = $$$

If you have one faucet that drips once every minute (this is a leak you might not even notice), it will waste 34 gallons of water a year. That’s not too bad. But most leaks that you notice are closer to a drip every few seconds. At a rate of one drip every second you’ll be wasting 2082 gallons almost a 3 full HCFs (748 gallons). That would be about $10.50. Now multiply that by the number of leaky faucets you have – it starts to add up quickly. Now look at your shower. If the showerhead is leaking at the same rate as the faucet, the cost is the same. A house full of leaks could easily add up to hundreds of dollars every year. Do your calculations here.
Some of these leaks can be changed by a handy DIY guy, but most of the time you’ll need a professional. Here’s when you should be looking for professional help:

Professional San Diego Leak Repairs

If you have outdated or broken-down faucet handles, shower heads or other hardware that is showing signs of age, you may need a professional to remove and update your fixtures for you. You don’t want metal flakes getting into your water.

Where’s That Water Coming From?

You may also need help if you can’t identify where a leak is coming from. Not every leak comes through the tap, sometimes leaks are due to improper seals or clogs lines creating pressure on pipe joints. A professional plumber can find these problems and fix them fast without having to do a bunch of exploratory digging through your walls.

What Happens if The Drain Clogs?

We can always handle your drain cleaning needs, but you might have to call in a San Diego water damage restoration company if the water overflows and causes any material damage. That’s why it’s important to call at the first sign of trouble.

A Real California Low Pressure Problem

If you have low pressure in your fixtures, that can also be the sign of a leak or blockage. You may have a build-up of calcium or iron in your pipes or worse, you might have corroded pipes with pinhole leaks. Blockages can be cleared with a high pressure pipe cleaning but corrosion often requires a full pipe replacement.
If you have low water pressure or broken bathroom fixtures, call the bathroom plumbing pros at My Plumber CA. We can answer all your questions about bathroom plumbing repairs, replacements or plumbing problems right now! You can also visit our faucet repair page to learn more.

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