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What to do During a Plumbing Emergency at Your Home

Most plumbing emergencies involve water leaking into a place of your home where it should not be. These leaks can cause major damage throughout your home, from appliances, furniture, drywall, carpeting, to hardwood flooring. It really difficult to know ahead of time that a pipe is going to burst, or a toilet will overflow, but there is a way to take control and limit the damage caused to your home.
The first step to controlling many plumbing emergencies is to know where the main shut-off valve is for your home and how it works. Trace the water supply line back from the water heater to an outside wall and find your shut-off valve. Learn how to operate that valve and be able to quickly shut it off and turn it back on. With this knowledge, you can stop the flooding and gain control over a plumbing emergency.
Step two is to find all the individual shut-off valves for each fixture in the home. (Please note that not every fixture has a shut-off valve.) When looking for the valves, keep in mind that shut-off valves are usually located under the fixture; as with a toilet, or behind an appliance where it connects to the water supply. Take the time to learn how they work and make sure that they operate properly and are not leaking.
Step three is to teach every member of the household who is old enough to respond appropriately where the shut-off valves are and how to work them. A ten-year old who knows how to work a shut-off valve can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home.
One note of caution: never walk-through standing water if there are electrical wires nearby. Find another way to reach the shut-off valve, turn off the power supply, call the non-emergency number for your local fire department or just wait for the plumber. Water and electricity make a deadly combination.
Like we previously said, it’s tough to know when a pipe is going to burst or toilet has a major overflow, and it’s even worse when you know you have a hidden leak but can’t find it. A damp carpet, low water pressure or a higher than usual water bill can all be signs of this problem. Hidden leaks happen behind your walls, in your appliances and in other areas that you seldom spend any time looking. The toilet flush valve leak is one of the most common.
If you think you have a leak, give us a call before it turns into a plumbing emergency. Our local San Diego based Plumbing technicians can detect leaks behind your walls and beneath your floorboards with our non-invasive leak detection equipment. We use a simple dye test to determine if you have a leaking toilet and we also use state-of-the-art ultra-sonic as well as a thermographic (infrared) sensor to find leaks beneath concrete slabs, through feet of soil, beneath your floors and in between you walls. We can find plumbing leaks quickly without having to drill invasive holes in your home or business!
What Causes Plumbing Leaks?
• Nuts that have become loose due to the jarring pressure of water being turned on and off
• Worn out or poor-quality washers
• Ball, cartridge, and disk faucets with worn O-rings
• Worn Inlet and outlet seals (disc style faucets)
• Sediment build-up
• Worn O-Rings in cartridge style faucets
• Ball socket seal failures due to wearing
Water damage accounted for the second most damage reported to business insurance providers over the past 5 years. Claims aren’t the problem, though. Retaining your insurance is. A study by the California Insurance Department found that “32% of insurance agencies refused to renew policies for people who made one or two water-loss claims in the past three years.” Not only that, but because agencies use the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, other insurers may not want to insure you after you’ve had a few claims either. The study found that “62% of the top 13 companies refused applicants with only one or two claims in the past three years.”
By following the three simple steps explained above, and being on the lookout for leaks, you will be able to take control of a plumbing emergency and will be much less likely to experience major water damage in your home.
We Promise: Call before 12 noon, Monday – Friday, and we will be there today, or our labor is free*. For priority clients only* At My Plumber CA we provide a number of discounts on our services. Please review our San Diego area plumbing specials page and be sure to print & present to the technician at the time of service.
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