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Singing the Summertime A/C Bill Blues?

Don’t suffer through another month of sky-high electricity charges. If an overworked or an under-maintained air conditioning unit is to blame, take these hints and get a grip on that utility bill.

  • Make sure that your filter is clean. Many people think that changing the filter or cleaning it twice a year is plenty of protection, but the filter should be checked once a month. If dust is apparent on the filter, it is time to change it. A dirty filter means that dirt is siftingthrough into the system and a dirty system requires more energy to work.
  • Ifyour home is on two levels, make sure the upper level vents are wide open andthe lower-level vents areslightly closed. Shutting them completely can stifle proper air-flow and harm the system. Heat rises,and limiting the intake on the lower floor will ensure that your home receives equal cooling distribution.
  • Check that your airconditioners fan is in the “on” position instead of on “auto”. This will improve air circulation andwill allow you to be comfortable at a higher room temperature.
  • Keep curtains drawn against the summer sunshine. The sun beating through the window may brighten the room, but it plays havoc with the utilitybill and sends electricity charges through the roof.
  • Get your A/C system cleaned and checked by a professional HVAC technician. This will improve your systems operations and the technician can spot potentialproblems before they causea midsummer breakdown.

Summer is almost over but it is not too late to be a cool operator. Use these tips in the name of “going green” or because youwant to maintain a level of comfort while you save. Either way, using these tips will help you maintain your cool and keep your electricity under budget.

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