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Time for the Air Conditioner?

With such a warm winter, we can only expect a hot spring and summer. Today, with the temperature approaching 80 degrees, we’ve had many calls from people eager to turn on their air conditioners for the first time in many months. But, before you do, we recommend that you check a couple of things first:

  • Remove the cover. Cut back any old bushes near the unit and clean off any accumulated leaves.
  • Replace your air filters. A dirty filter means that dirt is sifting through the system and into your home, causing your system to run inefficiently.
  • Check your thermostat before using the system. You can do this by setting the system to auto-cool and lowering the thermostat setting to one degree lower than the actual temperature in the room. If the system turns on, the thermostat is working properly. Let it run for a few hours to make sure it remains consistent.
  • Check for Water Leaks .Your condensate overflow drain should work properly. Be sure to check for any potential leaks during the first 48 hours of operation. Small leaks now mean expensive problems later.

If you notice any problems, give My Plumber Heating & Air a call TODAY!  We can perform a Spring Tune-Up inspection to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for when you need it.

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