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Cosmetic Changes: Bring Your Bathroom Back to Life with New Fixtures

Updating your existing bathroom could be as easy as making a few changes with new fixtures and hardware, adding a coat of paint or hanging some special artwork. Here are a bunch of low-cost ways to totally transform your current bathroom look.

Whip the Walls Into Shape

Even though there isn’t a whole lot of wall in most bathrooms, they still set the tone for the space. You can change the entire feel of the room with a fresh coat of paint. Be bold and go with a bright red or green, make it serene with a light blue, seafoam or beige, or take it to another level with a chocolate brown or charcoal. The latter two are great to use with white and gold fixtures and accents.
Maybe you’ve got a larger bathroom. Try adding wainscoating to divide the space into two distinct color and texture zones. There are plenty of styles to choose from to create everything from a cottage feel to something right of a Spanish bordello.
Sometimes paint and wainscoat just won’t do what you need. Opting for a full scene wall paper can make it feel like you are bathing on a sunny beach or in the middle of birch woods.

Amp it Up With Accents

The kitchen isn’t the only room that can use a backsplash. Consider installing some glass accent tiles behind the bathroom sink up to the mirror. Maybe even take it a step further and add a chair rail height band all the way across the wall.
Accents can be as simple as a new set of artwork on the wall. It could be a set of three related pictures, a group of small shelves with pots on them or even a few well placed pieces of 3-d metal art.
The largest canvas you have in your bathroom is the shower curtain. Get one that really sets the place off. There are literally thousands of choices out there to choose from.
Do you have one of those huge glass monstrosities from the 1980s. Add a frame to that mirror with prefabricated trim. It takes less than an hour and can class up your bathroom immediately.

Step Up Your Storage

Is your bathroom a little short on storage space? Could you use a place to put bath towels and amenities? Consider adding some custom shelving to the bathroom.  Smaller shelves can be used to handle groupings of candles, bath salts, and makeup kits. Larger shelves could hold wicker baskets filled with towels, hair care products, curling irons and more.

Fascinate With New Fixtures

The place you’ll get the most bang for your buck – outside of paint – is in the fixtures. Because the faucet and sink, toilet and shower are the three major focal points in the bathroom, changing them will immediately re-invent your space. The best thing about new fixtures is switching them out may end up saving a ton on water costs by doing it.
Get some new hardware and draw pulls for your vanity as well. Make sure they match your faucet. Don’t like your vanity – scrap it and go with a pedestal sink. It will open up a cramped space. Double up by putting in shallow shelving and you won’t even lose storage space.
Sometimes new lights can add an entirely new feel to your room. Not just the type of fixture either. Actually changing the type of bulb can give you different light spectrums in your bathroom. Purchase a natural sunlight spectrum bulb to give you the most natural light.
If you’d rather go for a big budget redo, our design specialists can help you. We’ve done dozens of remodels in the past few years and look forward to helping you with yours.

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