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Tips for Your Fall Furnace Checkup in San Diego

We always recommend to our customers that they start up the furnace as fall approaches to ensure that everything is working properly. Because it has been many months since you last ran your heater, the chance that your furnace will malfunction are higher. Below are some common furnace problems you might encounter during your fall furnace checkup in San Diego.
The Furnace Won’t Turn On
If this happens to you, first check that the thermostat switch is in the on position. If it is, then check your temperature setting to make sure that it is set to a temperature higher than the current indoor temperature. Still no luck? Check the date and time of your thermostat – if you are on a program setting, then date and time will determine when the furnace turns on. Lastly, try replacing the battery on the thermostat control. If your furnace still will not turn on, have a professional check your furnace shut-off switch, breaker, and fuse.
The Air Smells Stuffy or Musty
Musty smelling air when the furnace is on is a sure indicator that you should check the air filter and change it as necessary. A clogged air filter can also cause the furnace to shut itself off until the filter is changed out.
The Furnace is On, But Only in One Room
Be sure to check the vents and registers in all rooms of your home, and clean debris from them as needed. Have a professional duct work specialist seal any leaks, which will ensure that air is not escaping somewhere other than into your rooms.
Still Not Sure What the Problem is? Try this.
If none of the above worked, then it’s time to call in the professionals. Have a tech clean out the chimney exhaust and flush the drain lines. Your heating and air technician should also check the pilot light and gas line to make sure they are on and functioning properly.
Remember – our heating technicians at My Plumber are always available to help you with your fall furnace checkup and repairs in San Diego. Call us today to schedule an inspection and get advice over the phone.

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