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Sewer Repair Costs

A sewer main can be very expensive to have repaired, averaging a few thousand dollars. The sewer main is the primary sewer line that connects your house to the city’s main sewer line. In order to see the exact problem that is wrong with the sewer line the professional may decide to use a camera. If they do, they will send a camera down the pipe to try and find the exact problem. This can add cost to the repair but it can also lower the overall cost because it helps keep the repairman from unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

Sewer mains are often underground which is why the repairs cost more. Most of the time, digging up your yard or driveway is the most costly part of the repair. You may only need a small part of the sewer line to be replaced, which wouldn’t cost a lot, but having to dig up the yard and find the problem is going to cost you. If you are building your own home, asking where the sewer main is located would be a wise decision so that you can avoid pouring concrete over it or planting expensive plants and shrubbery over it. Dealing with sewer repairs would be unpleasant enough without having to redo your driveway or your lawn and garden to boot.

If you are trying to find a way to keep the cost down for a sewer main repair you may want to consider slip lining. Slip lining is when a smaller sewer line is put inside the current sewer line. However, this can not always be done. Some repairs call for more work to be done.

In some cases you may need a permit to have your sewer line repaired. If you do this will raise the cost of the repairs. But this can also help by making sure everything is up to code. In some cases you may discover that the part of the sewer line that needs to be replaced or repaired is city property, in which case the city has to pay for the repairs, not you. If you think you may have a sewer main problem call My Plumber CA at 1-855-410-2390 to see what they can do for you. We offer annual sewer video inspections as well. You can also see our drain cleaning page and trenchless sewer replacement pages to learn more.


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