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Sewer Repair

line capped during a San Diego sewer repair serviceSan Diego Sewer Repair & Relining

With over 30 years of experience, we believe it’s hard to find a better choice for your San Diego sewer repair needs. We use high quality PVC pipes to replace damaged areas in your sewer run or, if there is more than one area of damage, use a special resin soaked liner to create a perfect internal drain line. In either case, it won’t take much time and there will be a minimal amount of damage done to your yard. Call us any time to schedule a bid for a sewer drain repair job, or read on to learn more about how we handle your drain repair needs.

Types of Sewer Drain Repair

Drain repair work can mean digging out and area to shore up a bellied pipe, cutting through a series of tree roots to remove a recurring breakage issue or even relining the entire pipe from the house to the city line to ensure an obstacle free run for your wastewater.

Targeted Sewer Repair

In a targeted repair service, we will use a drain camera to determine how far down the line there is an issue. We can also use a GPS sensor to directly locate the break. The area is dug out so there is access to the pipe and the area around it. We will cut out the damaged area and replace it with high grade PVC pipe and connect it to the existing run with flexible couples. The area will be tested for an airtight seal and then the area around the pipe will be backfilled to provide a stable environment for the pipe. The entire process can usually be done in a few hours, depending on what type of terrain in above the break.

Sewer Relining

If your sewer line has multiple leaks or is suffering from serious interior corrosion, we will suggest a relining service. This involves installing a resin soaked liner through the entire sewer run. The material is pressed firmly to the interior walls of the pipe where it dries. The resin creates a smooth, sealed surface for water to travel through. This is our preferred method of sewer repair. It is a long-term solution with a much lower price tag than doing a full sewer replacement.

The Most Dependable San Diego Sewer Repair Team

Vehicles lined up and ready for sewer repair in San DiegoWhichever repair you need, our San Diego sewer repair team is ready to help. Our plumbers have over 30 years of sewer repair knowledge, and in that time we’ve seen it all. We can handle everything from an old clay line to galvanized lines with copper couplings. No matter how bad your sewer line is, we can have it repaired or replaced in a reasonable time, at a reasonable cost.

So don’t wait until your front yard is a swamp. Call us at the first sign of trouble to handle your sewer repair needs!